Saturday, October 11, 2014

A few days in the life ~

So...what's been going on around here???
Regular ol' every day things ~
washing clothes, cooking yummy dinners and
in the last few days, I've given a few hair trims!

I've cut our boys hair their whole lives and our next-to-the-youngest, Chase,
needed a trim Friday. Then, little Murray and Clara, our grandbabies, needed
a trim as well! Then their mama, Emily wanted an inverted I did it!
She ended up loving it!

I'm sorry, no pics though, I was just too tired!

All the while we have a soap order in our General Store Soap Shop
for 65 fleur de lis soaps for a special party
and guess what???
We have ONE mold!!!
So I've been pouring them constantly, popping them out,
then pouring another...
but it was a wonderful order and worth the effort.

Wishing you a wonderful day precious friends,

hugs and love,


Karen B. said...

Sweet Dawn,
I love the fleur de lis soap! Fingers crossed you will be ready in time.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

jeanniemc said...

Very cool soap...

marda said...

Methinks you need another mold or two. Beautiful it.
May have to get some myself.. maybe after you get another mold!

Sandi said...

Pretty mold and soap!! We too have been very busy and the days are just flying by! So grateful and thankful this time of year!!

Deb said...

hello dawn,
such a pretty soap mold & packaging.
I love the carrying on of traditions ... you are now cutting your grand babies hair ♥
have a wonderful day xo

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE the fluer de lis soaps.
Are the order only? or in your on line store?



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