Thursday, September 11, 2014

The sweet supply is dwindling...

It is.
My wonderful pumpkin stem stash is dwindling away!
But I guess that's a good thing.
I just love using what is in my studio. You know, "my stash"
Using what I have is such a good thing!
Because, good grief, I sure am not going to be able to take it with me.

I only have enough stems to make about four or five more but
here are the most recent three I've made...

Three little bigger, another a teeny bit littler and then the littlest.
Each created from cotton fabric, sewn then handpainted a pretty cream color.
Then a real stem is glued on top and then dusted with clear, crystal glitter!
The glitter gives the effect of "frost on the pumpkin"

I'm so glad I've used these stems.
And glad that I've used fabric that was already in my studio too!
It always, ALWAYS makes me feel so good
to make something pretty from simple supplies that I already have.

These sweeties are sold as a set of three
listed in my Etsy shop now!

That really is a crazy stem on the big one isn't it?
I debated on cutting it down but loved its craziness so much I just couldn't!!!

Happy Friday angels.
Thank you always, always for visiting me here!

hugs and love,

1 comment:

marda said...

Your pumpkins have turned out so beautifully...all those stems you've used are just perfect. It's always nice to use what you've got and have what you need right at hand.


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