Monday, September 22, 2014

One precious little boy ~

Our sweet grandson Murray turned TWO Sept. 19th
and I just have to share a few birthday party photos
from this past weekend!!!

I had to use a flash as the room was dark but
you'll certainly see how very happy he was!

Here he is with his mama waiting to open gifts...

Murray loves cars, trains, trucks...all of them!!!

Clara had as much fun as he did!!!

Mama Emily is showing Murray how to operate the Thomas train ~

Murray loves trains so much...the Thomas cake was just perfect for his party!

I believe he's thinking to himself here..."man, I need a nap!!!"

Happy Birthday sweet grandbaby Murray!!! We love you so, so much ~

Plus, I found the most wonderful box to package my little art doll in!!!
She's heading to Texas tomorrow....

Happy Monday precious friends!!!

hugs and love,


Hopemore Studio said...

Amazing how much he and Clara look alike!! So glad you shared these, it looks like a wonderful day.

Beth Leintz said...

What a cutie- and I love how Clara is right there next to him watching him open his presents. What a good big sister!

GigiBeth said...

Sorry, I have to say it: He is so pretty! Absolutely adorable. Hope he had a great 2nd birthday!

jeanniemc said...

Today's post just made me smile...what a great day!

Bente said...

What a cute little boy and his sister too. Love the photos.

Hugs from here

Bente said...

Here I am again. Forgot to tell you how much I love that doll you made. It`s really gorgeous.

Simply Shelley said...

Don't they grow fast? Happy birthday to your little man. I have a new little granddaughter, due yesterday, but hasn't arrived yet. Taking her own happy time about it. Someone is getting an extra special package with that sweet doll in it :) very sweet box! Blessings Dawn

marda said...

Murray can NOT be two already!!
But what a cutie he is.. and big sis just loves him you can tell. Your doll is just the sweetest thing, congratulations to the lucky person who got her.


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