Monday, June 9, 2014

Snippets of Inspiration ~

I've been trying to straighten up my studio a little bit
and ran across this wonderful article that I saved
many, many years ago.

I have notebooks FILLED with magazine clippings that I loved
just so I could finally toss the actual magazine....I would place the pages
in those glossy page protectors and when I needed a little inspiration,
they never failed to!

Now with Pinterest and so many other beautiful things on the internet,
it seems crazy to even do this anymore but to actually remove a magazine
from my possession, I still HAVE to clip out anything that is inspiring.

This is one of my very favorite articles and I scanned in EACH page
so you could enlarge it and read it.
I even took the liberty of color correcting
it just a smidge as the images were originally very yellow in the magazine.
I think this was from an old Victoria Magazine issue ~ just by looking at the fonts.

I wish I could remember the year...can you believe how
Carol Bolton's style has influenced all that we love
EVEN now in 2014???

(Be sure to click each photo to enlarge to read)

Right now, I've been going through my fabric stash...
sorting and grouping so it will be easier to find what I need when I need it.
And I'm not talking about what's already on the shelves...
this is fabric that's been piled in laundry baskets!!!

I think that's one of the biggest problems with my studio right now,
finding exactly what I need WHEN I need it!!!

If you saw this room right now you would just laugh your head off!
But I AM that counts, right??

Wishing you a beautiful Monday dear friends!

hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

beautiful magazine pictures Dawn.
thanks for sharing.

susan hemann said...

i remember that article! I too am going through things, I wish I could lay it all out in one big room. That way I would remember what I have

Vee said...

That article was very interesting. I would say that it stands the test of time...a decade or more? I grinned to see the shoe holder and now I know your inspiration. Hope you find lots of fun things and that you are inspired all over again.

Mitzi said...

I am constantly trying to organize my craft room. It's so hard to keep things from getting out of control!

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Lovely! Dawn, I think I have that article tucked away in one of my picnic baskets! Who knows how deep the piles! Anyway seeing it again (if?) it sure is filled with tons of inspiration! I have quite a collection of white gloves now, and love how she hung them. Also love the postcards and pretties by the window. I am so doing this in my new studio! Take care, dear!

Rustique Gal said...

Looking back through your related posts, looks like you have a thing for Carol Bolton! And now I do. This probably was from 94 or 97, according to another article you showed us! Thanks again. I love her style too.

Nancy said...

Oh I know what it's like to have a confused Studio, and it's so much work to clean up and Organize and put away let alone find a space! Prayers my sweet friend I am in the same Laundry Basket!!

Huggs, Nancy


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