Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little treasure hunting ~

Precious little girl images for you....

This past weekend I was able to get out for a little treasure hunting!
I've turned into the most FRUGAL cheapskate ever, ever.
Mainly because, I have gathered so many goodies already,
So I tell myself it must be amazingly affordable to take it home.
But you know the fun is always the thrill of the hunt!!!

I hit a few antique stores first, one being Antique Griffin ~
an antique mall that I've had several spaces in over the years.
I always, ALWAYS leave with a treasure or two!
Next, I stopped at several thrift stores to see what I could find.
My treasures are few but I'm so pleased with what I came home with!

A couple of old bottles with their original corks ~
snippets of gorgeous, aged, antique lace,
a lovely pair of old clip-on earrings
and remnants of beautiful fabric
(yeah, like I need more of that!)

And a most wonderful find???
This large piece of white chenille fabric...over FIVE yards!
It was a mere fraction of what it would've been at the fabric store.
Now, help me think of something wonderful to create with it....

Many years ago, I made a precious little baby jacket with chenille fabric
and lined it with blue and white toile ~

Well, we are expecting some scary weather here in Georgia for the next few days.
I so hope it won't be as bad as they are forecasting.
I usually love winter as it usually so mild here but I have to honestly say
I'm ready for this one to be gone and to welcome Spring!!!

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Nancy's Notes said...

What sweet images you've treated us with! So love your finds, they are all perfect! That chenille jacket you made is just adorable! Thanks for sharing! Stay warm!

morkaren said...

Rigtig søde vintage billeder, og lækre "loppe fund" chenille stoffet ville jeg bruge til en rigtig lækker morgenkåbe. knus morkaren.

Theresa said...

You always find the best stuff:) I should just give you my money and let you shop for me! Stay safe and warm dear Dawn, it looks like tomorrow is gonna be a booger:( HUGS!

Vee said...

Delightful finds, but then you know what you need and want. I do not think of you as a willy-nilly shopper. Loved, loved, loved the vintage photos...always so darling!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Just found your blog, and love it. That chenille jacket is beautiful! Would love to wear one in this cold weather! Am following you now.

Jann said...

Love your post-the images are precious-thank you for sharing them! I love the old bottles, and the chenille fabric. I haven't sewn anything in years . . . hope your upcoming storm isn't too awful--you guys have had some pretty serious snow and ice this year-stay safe!

suzieQ said...

That first photo is so classic of the time, isn't it? So sweet and innocent, thanks for sharing. I would have brought home everything you did, we just know what a treasure is; that's how I look at it.
Thank goodness the officials are planning to sand and salt your roads. As a Mainer, I wanted to reach through the television and tell everyone---NO BODY can drive on ice...I don't care what you drive or how big and strong you think you are. Ice don't fool around, fools. Stay home and stay warm. Yes, this winter can leave tomorrow and no one will miss it. The older I get, the less I like winter and frankly, I dream of living in Hawaii. People ask, won't you miss the seasons? No, I think paradise will help me cope.

Montrue said...

Love the little jacket you made. It gave me an idea.
My MIL is 90 years old and in good health. I would like to make her a little bed-jacket out of chenille,
with big buttons in the front for easy closing. Should she ever have to go into a hospital, she could put it over her night dress at visitation time. … Love the idea!
Thanks for sharing.


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