Friday, February 14, 2014

One crazy week!!!

First of all, even though it's almost over,
I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
It's been very low key here...
we ordered in Chinese and are enjoying a quiet evening at home.
I hope your day has been so good!

And THIS is why we've had such a crazy week!!!
We had terrible ice storm hit Georgia and paralyze the state once again.
This time it was much worse, causing power outages and falling trees.
We were fortunate and never lost power and only a few small limbs
were lost from the old pecan trees surrounding our house.

And the crazy thing?
The very next day, every bit of this ice VANISHED!!
Completely gone, melted as if it had never happened.
Thank goodness folks weren't stranded on highways like last time though!

I think we're all ready for Spring!

I also wanted to show you the beautiful lantern my sweet hubby
gave me for Valentine's Day ~
I just love it!!!
(from Hobby Lobby)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear friends,
hugs and love,


marda said...

It's crazy isn't it, you getting the kind of weather we SHOULD be getting out here in the mountain west!!!! I DO LOVE your new lantern. I really like that more unique shape...your hubby has good taste.

Phillipa said...

What a delightful lantern.Definately a hubby with good taste :)

And talking of weather.
down here in Nz in Christchurch, we havnt had a summer at all..mostly overcast and mild temperatures but we have noticed that the trees are turning already. it is waaaay too early for that.Are we now going to get your winter. yikes!!!

Regards Phillipa in NZ

Maggie said...

Such crazy weather...a memorable Valentine's Day, for sure! We've just thawed from our equally atypical snow blast --being housebound is fun and cozy for a couple days, and then cabin fever sets in, big time! And did you all have an earthquake, too?!?! CRAZY weather, everywhere.

And congrats on your blogging anniversary. Visiting here over the years has been a warm and fuzzy delight!


At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Dawn, Glad to see you made it through yet another storm. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Love, Penny

Elderberry Dreams said...

I know the snow was different for you, but your pictures are so pretty! Ice is NEVER fun. Glad you are all safe. Crazy weather! The lantern is so pretty. I have to stay out of Hobby Lobby on purpose sometime because I KNOW I will always find something :-)

Vee said...

Weather gone berserk! Hope that that was the last of it. It does look pretty like a dusting of confectioner's sugar.

Deborah Montgomery said...

We're used to it here in Michigan, but I feel so badly for you there in Georgia -- no salt trucks or equipment. sounds like it has been a bad winter! Love your vintage pictures.

Theresa said...

Crazy weather for sure:) Love your lantern, what a sweet gift! Enjoy your weekend dear Dawn, HUGS!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Hi Dawn, We're in the midst of another big snowstorm. Living in Maine thought, we're much more equipped to handle it. I'm sorry you've had such a hard winter. On a brighter note, my little needle book arrived and I'm in LOVE. Thank you so much. ~ Abby

A Bit of Colour said...

I live in the south & got the crazy weather too and an earthquake! Lovin' that Valentine gift from your hubby. Very sweet!

Romeo said...

What a year eh? We still have a few random patches of snow here and there but mostly gone. Many without power, to include my parents next door. Would you believe that by Friday (I think it was this coming Friday) the predicted high is 69?!? I kid you not. Crazy year. Romeo is threatening to hibernate until Spring is truly here....



NanaDiana said...

Hi Dawn, Vee sent me an image from your blog that she thought looked like our SweetCheeks. When I realized where the image came from I found that you had dropped off my sidebar and reading list. I lost everything on my blog a few months ago and slowly but surely have restored the blogs I lost. are back on my reading list and here I am again! lol

Happy Belated Valentine's Day- xo Diana


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