Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One last little thing...

I had such high hopes to make so many wonderful things
this Christmas season but it just didn't happen.
There were so many soap orders to keep up with
(which truly have been a blessing)
and the days seem to be flying by like lighting!
It's always like this when Thanksgiving is late in November though...

I did manage to finish my altered bottle!
I'll share a few photos with you. This bottle is an old one
and I created a stopper using a glass knob and a cork!
I used one of my favorite labels on the front,
a little vintage wedding lace...seam binding and of course
a beautiful vintage rhinestone bobble to finish it off!

It's been listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to take a look ~

I just SO, SO HAPPY about my sweet friend Tammy's recovery!!!
She's totally off the ventilator now, breathing on her own.
She does have a simple oxygen mask on and is slowly
but surely getting over being sedated for an entire week.
She's communicating with her family and this is such a wonderful thing!!
Thank you again for your precious prayers...
we totally give the Lord all of the glory!!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


Twyla and Lindsey said...

What wonderful news about Tammy! Twyla

Sweet Woodruff said...

This bottle is so pretty, I can actually smell it through the computer screen. :) Pretty pretty. I'm glad you're friend is better.

Dorthe said...

Your gorgeous and beautiful bottle, looks so elegant , dearest Dawn.
Love the stopper you created.
And so happy for you all about Tammy, such a miracle from God .
I hope she can come home for christmas.
I send you warmest hugs sweetie, and kisses, too.

marda said...

Your old bottle was beautiful and you've made it more so. So glad to hear your friend is continuing to recover. I had plans to making a number of gifts this year, but, I ended up with a back attack like I've never had before and 4+ weeks of total inactivity put an end to those plans!!!! At least I was able to make my handmade cards again and got them out in the mail last week. At least with your soap business (and I was one of those customers) you were accomplishing something wonderful. Take care and enjoy the holidays with your family.

Elaine said...

Very pretty. I had the same issue, did not get my Christmas items mad either.

Vee said...

I am thrilled with the news about Tammy. Praise God! I hope that she'll be home in the bosom of her family for the holidays. Wow. What an unexpected journey.

The bottle is charming...I know so many gals who love such delights.

Bente said...

Love this bottle. It`s so beautiful


Theresa said...

So happy to hear that prayers are being answered! I will continue to keep Tammy in my prayers! BIG HUGS coming your way this morning dear Dawn!

Brigitte said...

Good morning, so happy to hear good news about your friend.
The altered bottle is beautiful! So glad you had all the soaps orders, that is a blessing!
have a creative day Brigitte

Simply Shelley said...

So wonderful about your friend...God is faithful...always. Your bottle is lovely,but everything you create is very special.....Merry Christmas sweet friend....many,many blessings in the New Year for you and yours....Shelley

Charlene said...


I'm with you... just not enough time! So glad your friend Tammy is improving as I know it's weighed heavy on your mind & heart! Have a Merry Christmas sweetie!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I am glad Tammy is mending, it sounds like it was just short of a miracle. God is so good to answer prayers.
Merry Christmas

FredaB said...

Very good news about your friend Tammy. Hopefully she may be home for Christmas.



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