Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little inspiration for you ~

Back-in-the-day I used to buy TONS of magazines.
But I was very selective.
I had to be able to flip through the magazine very quickly and
have my breath taken away several times and I would KNOW
right then and there,
it had to come home with me!

Then as the magazine grew older,
I would eventually thumb through it with an exact-o knife
slicing out the pages that inspired me.
These pages would then be slipped into page protectors
that were placed into notebooks.
These notebooks were SWOON worthy to me!
I still have them too :)

I've scanned a few of my favorites over the years
and shared them here on my blog but
they never, ever fail to please me.
With blogs, Pinterest and other internet inspiration
it's getting harder to be impressed by magazines
but it is still wonderful to come across one that
you just can't leave behind.

To inspire you this Thursday:
(with a few prints and images sprinkled in too!)

I love the cabinet of curiosities feel of the shelf display.
Look at the slip cover on the dark chair and
the ballet shoe inspired leg ties!

Love it all...

Rustic but beautiful bird feeder ~

Ah...the shelf displays ~

I love that the statuary seems to be holding her flowers ~

A simple but elegant window treatment.
After working in a drapery room for a while,
do you know how easy it is to create these?

You simply measure from the outside left hemmed edge about six inches
(this measurement may need to be adjusted, play with the fabric and
the size of the window to really see what you like)
and sew on small plastic rings to the back, starting at the bottom and
working your way up about every four inches or so
up to the rod pocket (or just half way up is really enough).
Do this for the right side as well. Then just feed
some thin twine through the rings up
to where you want the curtain to hang,
usually just 3 - 5 rings is sufficient.
Do this for the other side as well and voila!
You have a gorgeous window treatment!

I love the double layer of curtains here...

Look at how these curtains drape so beautifully ~

A pie safe for your towels and toiletries...

Carol Hicks Bolton ~

Just beautiful to me ~

From the set of the movie 'Practical Magic' ~
that house is why I love watching that movie!

More Carol Hicks Bolton:

Just a little something to make you smile today!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Dawn, A great way to start the morning. I cut up some of my earliest Victoria magazines, not to save but to make jewelry. I saved many after that and revisit them often for inspiration. There will never be a magazine like it again...and sadly the new Victoria is fluff. What other magazines did you save from? Have a great day my friend. Love, Penny

Vee said...

So true about magazines just now...the paper in them doesn't feel right or the advertising overwhelms or is just plain nasty...improper topics that are not harmonious with the message the magazine is trying to present...the size of the magazine itself is altered...thinking CL here...Politically Correct agendas are pushed...I just let them all go. If there is one I want for a specific purpose, I go scouting. I see more beauty here in a week than I've seen in a year of some of the most slick periodicals. Thank you for that!

Regina said...

Oh all of these and it was so nice to read that someone else saved magazine photos too. I did have several thick notebooks choked full of ones that I just couldn't bear to part with. Did have as in the box they were in got wet and it ruined my books :( Guess I'll just have to start all over..hehe

I loved all the photos but the antique bird feeder and the fork photo holder...well...can I tell you that YOU are my muse for the day..thank you.


Michele said...

You just fed me a weekend's worth of eye candy - just wow wow wow wow - every single picture is remarkable.

Whew. Thank you!!!!

GigiBeth said...

Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing!

Bente said...

Love the beautiful photos. The statue in the garden is gorgeous.


Dorthe said...

Deare sweet Dawn,--I have the same "problem" about old magazines, and many of them I also just can`t slice the pages out from, but "have" to keep the whole mag..that goes for many of the old Victoria mags!!
I am so sould sister with you in loving exatly the same things as you... like all you show here, .. I also adore the Carol Hicks Bolton artickles and have a few from Victoris magazines... and all the other beautiful rooms you show here I would love to move into :-) right away!!
Thankyou for the tut about the curtain, I have saved that one sweet friend.
Love and hugs from Dorthe

May said...

WOW...Such inspirational photos...Love them all... Hugs May x x x

lynn said...

omgosh... you described me perfectly! I feel the same way about buying mags, even have that same requirement!. they have gone in and out of protector sheets & 3-ring binders, into folders, been edited over the years as my tastes change, etc. and back again as my urges to reorganize kick in. keep up the good work LOL!!!

auntiejenni said...

this, my dear, was thee most outstanding and inspirational and drool-worthy post EV-er. i feel exactly the way you do about that "practical magic house." i've lusted over the kitchen and conservatory for years. i own that movie and watch it over and over and over again, mostly to imagine myself making pancakes in that kitchen and stirring up potions in the conservatory. sigh. thank you for this today. really. i needed it. my nesting instincts really kick in when it's autumn and this was just the thing to get their juices flowing.

maggiegracecreates said...

Oh Dawn - I have so many of these clippings in my inspiration books. I still pull them out and thumb through the pages often.

I love pinterest so much, but there is still something about turning a page on a book or magazine that is so wonderful.


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