Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treasures FOUND plus a little experiment!

So...I hopped in my new van and tore out to a fabric outlet
that I've been wanting to check out.

I found a few goodies and ended up stopping by thrift store too!
Here are my found treasures...
Gorgeous faded rose decorator fabric, a beautiful damask,
a rich brown wool (maybe to felt and create a few fairy shoes?)

I picked up a plastic bag at the thrift and noticed right away
it was chock full of canvas fabric
(and you know what a freak I am for that stuff)
and some brown fabric,
I didn't care what that was I bought the entire bag!

After getting home, I tore into the bag and there was
a brand new drop cloth inside too!
The brown wool was in the bag and about
five yards of canvas fabric ~ SCORE!!!

I found these neat lace pieces at the fabric outlet too!

And my experiment???
I searched online for a template for a simple envelope and
created one out of fabric!
I thought it would make a sweet sachet...
so there is an inner muslin pouch filled with lavender buds.

I only made this one though ~ I'm not sure if I'll be making more, we'll see!
This one is in my Etsy shop now :)

Thank you always for stopping by here to see what I'm up to,
and thank you too for your precious comments!

Happy Thursday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks like you got some nice pieces of fabric, Dawn! Love the faded floral one. That envelope is so cute! If you decide to do a tutorial for it, let us know.

Bente said...

Oh, so very pretty.

Have a great day

Simply Shelley said...

You always create the most lovely things :) Blessings

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You're always up to something fabulous! be able to create with my hands like you see the possibilities in everything and bring beauty to everything you touch!

Michele said...

Wow, Dawn- you have such a good eye - what awesome treasures for you and your creative genius!!

You know those envelope bags - w/o all the fuss could be nice jewel bags or hosiery bags for travel, too.

Loving your new creation. Have a wonderful day!!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Dawn, sometimes it's like they know you are coming.... Who else finds a drop cloth...I just love when that happens! Happy creating and Happy Mother's Day dear friend! Love, Penny

rkramadh said...

Such talent in you indeed! You seem to be able to whip out stuff like in no time and with such perfection and creativity each time!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Such a pretty pretty pouch, and full of the luscious smelling purple stuff too! :D Mo

Dorthe said...

You truly found some wonderful fabrics here, my dear Dawn! What beautiful finds to bring home, I love the soft green? rose flower piece ,-and the other faded rose fabric, too- you can create so many gorgeous lavender pouches from those, and so many other special gorgeous creations with all these yards of fabric, sweet friend.
The envelope is a new and beautiful way of decorating with lavender- it looks so pretty with your special made button and the seambinding bows!
Congratulations on this super purchase, sweetie!
Love and hugs,Dorthe

marda said...

You lucky lucky girl!!! The envelope is a wonderful idea.
You just amaze me!

Jean Bee said...

FABULOUS!!! I always think that if I was a younger woman I'd never ever believe that I'd get so excited over Thrift store shopping!! It's so fun because you never know what you will find and boy did you score!!
Cant' wait to see what else you make - like the envelope!

Laurie said...

Thrift store fabric is da bomb! I love your fabric envelope!

Unknown said...

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