Friday, May 10, 2013

Blessed beyond measure ~

As we approach Mother's Day
you just know, know and KNOW
that it moves my heart so!!!

Our precious boys truly are
our treasures here on this earth.
That is honestly how I feel...
Yes, I am their mama but these babies
are my sweet TREASURES!

I so LOVED being pregnant each and every time,
I was the goob at work that made everyone
feel my belly so they could feel my baby kicking!!!
And I loved those precious teeny, tiny newborn weeks...
and after a few babes, I realized how very fast
those weeks are gone.

With the last two boys,
I would simply weep in the middle of the night
when they would breastfeed just knowing how
fleeting the time would pass...

As I lay in the bed at night and say my prayers,
I thank the Lord for each and every one of our precious sons ~
I pray for their protection, for their health, happiness and prosperity.

I always keep telling myself,
you have been blessed with FIVE wonderful babies...
No matter what comes your way,
what stumbling block,
or any hard time...

this is my measure of greatness ~

I thank the Lord in HEAVEN above for our five boys...
I so hope that I have been the mother
that You would have wanted me to be ~
and I thank You dear Lord...
for entrusting them to me.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday my sweet friends!
hugs and love,


BECKY said...

Oh Dawn, What a handsome family of young men you have raised! We have 4 boys, but I miscarried 4 times so I may have boys waiting for me in heaven. How fun! Hope your Mother's Day is delightful!! And our children are simply the greatest gifts aren't they?

Theresa said...

What a wonderful blessing to have so many handsome SONS:) Have a blessed Mother's Day weekend dear Dawn, BIG HUGS!

jennifer768 said...

What a beautiful family!Happy Mother's Day!Hugs,Jen

Desires of the Heart said...

Such handsome sons you have. You are so right....these are our treasures in this life!!! We have three sons and I pray the same things for them, and for their families. Being the mother of only sons has its own challenges for sure, but I am blessed to have been their mother and am so very proud of the men they have become. Just wish they would invite me on a trip or know some bonding time....ha. Don't think that will happen. Hoping to rent the movie "Guild trip" soon for a laugh or too. Hope your weekend is very special Dawn. Linda

The Old Parsonage said...

I'm crying as this is just how I pray and feel about our 2 wonderful sons!

We are truly blessed!

Happy Mother's Day Dawn!


Dorthe said...

Dear sweet friend,
I know your prayers, as I do ask the same for my daughter, and her babyes!
Being gifted with kids is the most wonderful blessing, and something that no other gift can be compared with!
I wish you a very happy mothers day precious Dawn.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Rella said...

there truly is nothing as precious as children........wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day! xo

TwinkleToes2day said...

Here in the UK, we celebrated Mother's Day in March, but I am delighted to be able to read what you wrote today what was truly in my heart back then, but also each and every day as I give thanks eternally for my children and grandchildren. Wish I could put my thoughts into words as beautifully as you have here Dawn. Thank you for sharing them :0) Mo

Laurie said...

You are so blessed. Happy Mother's Day!

Barb said...

Dear Dawn, What a nice family you have! Aren't they a real blessing? I know mine are!

Happy Mothers Day, enjoy your family!!!

Love to you,

Barb Gould

Claudia said...

Such loving tribute to motherhood and your sons, Dawn. Happy Mother's Day!


Becky @ Vintage 541 said...

Yes you are truly blessed...beautiful post Dawn. Happy Mother's Day!


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day!

The Bashful Nest said...

So well said. You have such handsome sons you should be very proud. Children are our greatest gifts. Happy Mothers Day to you.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

You have some handsome boys there!
I have 3 sons of my own, and they are my greatest gift. They are Momma's Boys.


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