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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feeling a bit loser-ish ~

Yes. I know loser-ish is not a word but it's just how I feel as of late.
I don't know why, but the creativity is just not flowing freely right now!
Maybe I need someone to take me and squeeze me....
I don't know.
I've been in a funk and that's just how it is.
You can't change it, you just have to deal with it and let it roll off of you, right?

I did manage to get sweet Noah to hang my one lone panel in the living room
so I could check the length and see if I liked the clip on rings and
You can slide the drapes open so easily and slam them closed as well ~
So then, I head to W-mart to buy a few more but of COURSE
they don't have all that I need.
So what did I do?
Bought brushed nickel or something and some bronze spray paint.
Yes, I did...
I will spray them all the same color so they will match!

Of course it would help if I'd also finish the drapes....
I will.
I just know it.

Here's a baby peek at that one lone panel:

Is it OK to have a blog post with one little, sorry photograph???
Well, by golly, I guess it is....

Wishing you a wonderful and very productive Wednesday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Simply Stone Creek said...

I'm feeling you! I have been the same way for the last couple of weeks...however, today's beautiful weather (before the cold comes back in), got me moving a little. It's definitely something in the air. Wishing you creative thoughts and busy hands in the coming days! :) ~Susan~

Luvcreatincards said...

Coucou ma belle,Thank you for the tip about bloglovin, I have just done as you suggested and transfered all blogs from Google Reader over to Bloglovin. I think your curtail pannel looks beautiful,even if it is on it's own for a while - let it shine in it's own glory. LOL. The material is soooooo chic and pretty. Here in France they even sell les rideaux (whoops sorry I mean curtains) with the large eyelets inserted into the material already so all you have to do is run the curtail pole through the holes and ..... hey there they are done and dusted and ready to look gorgeous.
Sorry to hear you're a bit feeling down. Maybe you have been too busy creating so many gorgeous treasures. When you have been working to hard it's good to relax a little and take some 'you' time for yourself - spoil yourself a bit for a change.l You are always thinking of others and doing think for them, so I think you really deserve lots of 'DAWN' time, don't you?
Sending you lots of love and warmest best wishes, my dear friend.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm having a dry, parched spot too Dawn.
I'm making a shabby lapel brooch for a's just not inspiring me!
...waiting for the spark to get me going again!
Shane ♥

suziqu's thread works said...

Of course one lone image is plenty enough when you consider the images you continue to ply us with constantly dear friend!!!
Your curtains are looking fantastic! and all those sweet little lavender bags etc. etc. - isn't that called "creating".
Sending warm hugs while your muse is resting!

BECKY said...

I love your word loser-ish! I like to make up words, too! I say, why not?!
March is usually MY worst month. By this time, I'm normally really sick of winter and the month seems to just drag by, but this year has been different. Too many other things going on, I guess, and not all happy, either, but this month is flying by. When I'm feeling down or "loser-ish" which isn't very often, I kind of just have to allow myself to wallow for a day or two...or however long it takes, and then *poof* I'm better. So, dear Dawn...I hope you feel perfecto and fabulouso real soon! :)

Diane said...

I love your curtains! That has inspired me to make mine for the dining room. I work full time and try to squeeze in a post every now and then. I know just the thing to left your spirits, I am having a giveaway. A pretty little lamp shade. come on over and leave a post about it. xoxox Diane

morkaren said...

Hvor er det blevet skønt, når solen skinner igennem, dejlig farve. knus morkaren.

Hopemore Studio said...

The long winter has certainly zapped my creativity this year. Don't we all need a little time to just rest our crafty souls? Don't over think it, look at it as a well deserved hibernation!

Vee said...

Consider this your'll be okay and you will be plenty creative in a day or two because that's how the muse works. Love that has heft so it drapes beautifully. (I hate when they don't have enough of what you want. It's so frustrating, but don't forget that you can order online and pay at the store and they'll be there in a few days. Hint. Hint.)

Shari Replogle said...

I like your new word , because I would like to loser-ish this winter LOL. I have seen enough snow already in March. Bring on some beautiful spring blooms,green grass, and sunshine, and I think we will all be inspired again :)
I love your bronze spray idea for the curtain rings!

Junkchiccottage said...

I think it is this icky Spring we are all having. We need some sun and nice warmer temps and I think we will all be inspired. Dawn you are so creative so it will start flowing again. :)

Theresa said...

Oh sweet friend:) your curtain is beautiful! I love it and can't wait to see more! Hope today will be better for you! BIG HUGS!

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

The curtains are looking great! One picture is fine. As for creativity, look through some inspirational mags or books, close your eyes, and DREAM! That' s what I did yesterday when I was in the waiting room at my husband's eye doctor. Mental creativity should count for something.

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, I'd like to give you a squeeze, that is a big hug! I think the curtains will be awesome...I love that golden glow. My living room curtains are hung with the same clips. Each morning I open them with my swifter mop handle, my arms are too short to reach over the sofa...and I close them at night. I like the sound they make too. Be patient with yourself, creativity comes in drips and drabs or flows like Niagara Falls. Enjoy this interlude my friend. Happy Spring. Love, Penny

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hoping you get out of your funk soon, Dawn! I hate being in a funk. I was not feeling any creative mojo since Christmas until recently myself. I was in a funk and I don't know if that affected my creativity or if not having the creativity caused the funk. I feel like it's passing, so I'm glad about that. Can't wait to see the rest of your panels. Good idea to paint the rings. Every time I decide on a finish, I can never find enough packages for my project either!

Cathy said...

Dawn I love your curtains! You have most definitely inspired me! As soon as I can I am making these for at least 3 of my windows and I think I'm going to add in some fabric only along the very top--I think. We never know until we start a project just where it will go. LOL!
Don't worry about being in a funk. Your creative mind and heart just need a break to recharge, so go with it. Take the time off, follow your heart and it'll tell you when it's ready to go again. It's just part of the process.
Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

Cathy ♥

cmoh said...

Of course it is fine to have a blog post with "one little sorry photo" that photo means more to you than you is progress in your home.

Everyone gets down and out sometimes and they need a change. I've noticed that when this happens to me I need to remove myself from the online social world or pinterest, blogs etc...I will play games on FB, read or clean (this one makes me feel like I am accomplishing something).

You should never compair yourself to others and with blogs and pinterest and instegram it all seems to have become about who can one up the next. Art is about your heart and your soul, express it your way and heal it your way but never ever get down because of someone else's accomplishemtns.

And FIY I really like your "one little sorry photo" it looks like you are going to have a gorgious room.


Sandy said...


I think it is the "in betweens" that you are suffering from, in between winter and spring, there always seems to be a lull while waiting on new ideas to bloom right along with all that spring brings in its wake. Wishing you a flow of creativity and energy!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Dawn I am right there with you! I have felt that way for a few years now and I have to get up each day and fight the feeling anew.
I will pray for you to be lifted up out of the dark mood!
The drape looks great! Many times I have had to improvise on my updates and it usually turns out to be better than the original idea!
Hang in there, Spring is right around the corner and that should lift all of our spirits.
Tina xo

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

My Dear Friend, I feel for you, I think we ALL need Spring! I can't seem to get into anything, just want to sit & watch useless tv.... I have been working on cleaning & organizing, and what should have taken me a week, is going on a Month & I'm still far from photo taking!
I Love the little sketch of your Art Doll, I think you need to put all aside & Create Her! she's crying to come to life....
Wishing your days filled with Sunshine & the warmth of that beautiful Georgia Sun.....
Now, get out that Paper Clay

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

PS ~ Love the Drape!

June said...

It sure is Dawn sweet! I am sending you the biggest squeeze I can muster too!!! From what I can see it is going to be beautiful!
much love...

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Consider yourself squeezed! I think it's the time of year. I haven't been myself for awhile now. You're right, just have to shake off and move on. Spring should help!!! Happy first day!

Romeo said...

Yep! Know all about this. I'm so sorry that you're feeling this. And you will get the curtains done. This I do know for sure! Sending you a hug...and Romeo of course sends whisker smooches and purrs.


Lisa said...

Hey Sweets,
Well you did something you've never done in 5 years. Posted one blooming picture! LOL looks like you got a bunch of comments from it tho:) I love the one drape, just make another one just like it. And Please, PLEASE make that art doll. she is beautiful & will be amazing!
Love you.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

We all get in a funk every now and then. Hang in there. Relax and breathe. Take the break you need and it will all come back to you. Thinking of you!

Barbara Jean said...

Not every day has to be a creative one.

Just rest in His presence. His timing is perfect. When it is time, you will create more lovely treasures.

Hugs sweet friend.

Be blessed


PS your drape is wonderful, and yes, it is just fine to have one lovely picture for us. =)

Becky P. said...

One reason I don't have a blog is because it would be incredibly hard to feel the pressure of always having something new and fresh to post! I love to read and look at beautiful blogs, however, and enjoy yours very much! Pinterest is my blog of I don't have to feel like I'm not being creative, I can just do it when I feel it. I admire all of you that do blog, though, and share all of creativity with the rest of us~❥ You will beat the funk you are in, Dawn, we all hit those spells...then boom our minds are exploding with ideas, so don't be so hard on yourself. The curtains you are creating are beautiful, and will be prettier and prettier as you add to them...enjoy, you have done a great job ~❥ Hugs, Becky

Karen B. said...

Sweet Dawn,
I know how you feel when there is just nothing there ~ it makes me feel terrible too. We all get that feeling from time to time but don't worry it always comes back that creative thing .. really.
many hugs and much love
Karen B. ~ Todolwen


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