Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just a few bits to make you smile ~

I love going through my old photos...
I don't know if you really love getting repeats but
I never tire of these wonderful old photographs...
vintage graphics from ephemera...
or photos of something beautiful ~

(Remember to click a couple of times
on the ones you want to save!)

Sweet baby girl:

A scan of a sweet notepad that had a lot of damage
and I fixed up a little for you in Photoshop...

Look at this little boy's haircut!!! Precious!

A most wonderful, wonderful quote:

One of my favorite photos I've taken...
I love these beautiful old treasures ~

A wonderful book to get you in a holiday mood!!!
I'm thinking I need to go pull it out right now...I took a few pics
of the inspiration inside ~

 I so love this artist's work so much...

I just love beautiful things.
They inspire creativity and
always, always make me smile!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Shane Pollard said...

Thank you dear Dawn for these beautiful images - They will be wonderful to use for cards and collages!
Would you like me to let you know when I use one?

Merci mon ami
Shane ♥


Love your images. Love also the idea of the window with Christmas ornaments and the Santa in a paper cornet.Thank you for dreaming.
xoxo from grey PARIS to-day

Shopgirl said...

Dear Dawn,many times in my life I have turned to making things. I think it was when I was about 12 years old. My Grandpa raise cotten and I made a whole 75 cents. My Grandmother had been letting me sew tea towels and hot pads on her old tridle sewing machine. I remember my legs would get tired. I ask her to help me make a dress, and off we went to the fabric store in town. I boutht blue and white fabric. Grandma made the pattern from news paper, holding it on me with pins. She had me cut the fabric, and with her sweet patient way I soon had a really cute dress. In good times and bad, I could loose myself in making something. And over time I found other things to craft.
I find making something good, it takes my mind off things and gives me joy.
Thank you for the pictures, I will find away to use them after our bedroom is finished. Right now I am on hold, my house is a wreck, things stacked here and there.
Thinking of you on the cold fall night, Mary

Dorthe said...

I love your favorite photo my dearest Dawn-the tones of soft blue,sepia,creme and white , the lovely buttons and threadrolls,everything makes my heart smile.
And I never get tired of reseing your lovely images ,thankyou my precious friend-and a happy thursday to you.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

morkaren said...

Tak for dejlige vintage billeder, den "Sød lille pige" ligner næsten mig som barn, jeg er født i 1935. knus morkaren.

Janet Ghio said...

I love this artist also. I have seen one of those, but not the others. Thanks for sharing

Theresa said...

Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing! I love the one with the ornaments hanging in the window:) Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Doni said...

Hello Dawn!
Your favorite photo is also one of my own faves from your blog. I get to where I stare at the details and just luxuriate in the colors...kinda like sinking into a hot bath kind of enjoyment!
Thank you so kindly for sharing so many lovelies with us to enjoy! You make a beautiful spot in my day!
Blessings, Doni

Sandra Foster said...

You are so generous, kind and inspirational Dawn. Thank you!

Maureen said...

Oh DAWN! My "Joy" cup arrived today! It is even more beautiful in person (if that's even possible...) THANK YOU SO MUCH! It now hangs in a place of honour over my desk so I can admire it every day. You are too sweet, and I just love having even a small piece of your incredible talent here in my very own studio. Love the ephemera and photos you share too... and that Christmas book looks awesome!

Cindy said...

Hi Dawn,

I look forward to your email with you daily blog happenings. You have the biggest heart and are so kind, you are always giving your readers, customers, etc. something to take away to make their day better. The photos of the women you sent today were wonderful, I will definetely use those in something. I am finishing up something now and then try the wings tutorial I bought and I also bought the peat moss basket tutorial, your peat moss buckets said "France" on the bottom, are yours different than the ones I can buy at my local garden shop? Again, your children and grandchildren are very lucky too have you in their life as I can tell you are a very warm and loving mother, grandmother, wife. The new baby is darling, by the way.

Cindy Leaf

Pat C. said...

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing so many beautiful images with us! isn't the frame on the sheet music cover gorgeous?!?

I was familiar with von Herkomer's first two works, but not the third... I love it, as I do his others!


KAM said...

Thank you for the wonderful images; so many delicious photos to use in projects. Can you tell me to whom the written piece is attributed?

Kristin Freeman


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