Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pure sweetness!

Just look at this angel!
I told her to pose for Mimi....
look at that right hand ~
resting on her chest...

DH and I had dinner with Brent and Emily last night.
Noah had youth group and his own Halloween gathering at the church...
We watched sweet baby Murray so Brent and Emily could take
our little Clara out Trick or Treating!

I can't get over how biggish she is now!!!

Here's a sweet pic of Clara with her neighbors...
how adorable that she's a little black cat with all the witches!

And this little guy???
Well, let's just say he was a precious butterbean for Halloween
that his Mimi got to love on!!!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL November 1st
and a very happy Thursday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness Dawn there is absolutely nothing better in the whole wide world!!

marda said...

What beautiful grandchildren. Clara is such a doll.. and she does look exceptionally cute as the black cat among the witches!!
And little Murray, I'd be lovin' on him too.

Dorthe said...

Dear sweet Dawn-
Just like Lori said: There is nothing better in the world, than grandkids,
and yours are so lucky having a grandma like you.
I hope Clara got lots of treats in her sweet tote :-)
Happy thursday to you back, my friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Unknown said...

She is a cutie for sure, and the butterbean looks soooo huggable! Have a good Thursday.

Vee said...

I've never heard the expression "butterbean" and I like it a lot. A cute name for a sweet little fellow. Clara must have had a blast!

Theresa said...

What a precious little kitty:) She is getting big, don't they just grow up SO fast! Butterbean is SWEET too! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

morkaren said...

Hun er vidunderlig, og hvad er en heks uden en sort kat? knus morkaren.

Karen said...

They are adorable Dawn. Love Clara's costume.

Lorrie said...

What sweetness! Clara is adorable in her kitty costume, and I love, love her hand placed just so. What fun to cuddle your little one - butterbean is a great term of endearment.

We had our own little ones come to visit last night - grandchildren are just the sweetest thing ever!

Createology said...

Precious little ones enjoying family togetherness...Life is good.

auntiejenni said...

i'm mimi to my grandchildren as well. my first named me that and it stuck. i'm so thankful for that. i didn't even have to decide...only to keep it. don't you just love the name? and don't you love being one? i tell you, everything anyone said about being a grandmother was definitely under-rated. someone once said it would be nice to have grandchildren without having children. i wouldn't go that far, but this part....the mimi THE best. i just wish mine were closer. there's the rub.

Pat C. said...

Clara's pose is Just. Too. Cute. For. Words!!! What a doll!

And baby Murray is the most adorable butterbean ever!

Another Mimi


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