Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A few sweet treasures ~

This past weekend we did a tiny bit of treasure hunting...
you know how much I love that!
Well, I'm very cheap and selective it seems these days,
but I did find a few wonderful things ~

Here's my little haul:

I love the graphics on this tin!
It's a repro but I don't care ~
the color is so pretty to me too.


And I have ALWAYS wanted one of these "Pin Money" banks!!
I can't believe I found one for such a great price too :)

The stopper was inside and I was able to get it out easily.
But it didn't fit very well so I tossed it.
Like I'm really going to put money in it anyway!!

Sweet, old cuticle scissors ~ rusty and beautiful.

I loved this little book too....
a French to English...
English to French dictionary!
It's the most wonderful small size.

It's in a teeny bit of rough shape but you know I don't care!
Do you think it's been to France and back?

A new TJ Maxx store just opened near us and I had to go check it out!
I found a box of heavenly rose scented dusting powder and
this beautiful box of note cards ~
right up my ally, don't you think??!!!

Thank you always for stopping by to see me....
Wishing you a beautiful day precious friends!!!

hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

sweetness all! love the little scissors!!!

The stationary...I can see you doing a little tea wash over them to 'age' them a bit. =)

blessings sweet friend.

barbara jean

Okio B Designs said...

I would have snatched up that tin too! And the dictionary. Wonderful finds!


Vee said...

Yes, they all speak of you. I think the Note Cards are very sweet, but not as sweet as ones you might create yourself. I've never seen a pin money bank before.

Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn, you found some wonderful things,my sweet. the box is fantastic with the graphic, and I love the rust here and there- also your scissors and the cute Pin Money-I have never seen such a thing here in DK!!And whom would not love that dictionary -,not easy you know, to find such a thing on a danish island,lol-
And the cards ,oh my ,they are so very beautiful, dear friend .
A lovely post , thankyou for all the beauty, just before I go to bed.Love and hugs from Dorthe

Elizabeth said...

where do you live..? I have a tin bought years ago. and it looks like yours. But! The pictures are not about caugh drops but.

Elizabeth's blueberry drops..
Now you know why i bought it once.
It's lovely and blue and is named after me.

Groeten uit Nederland.

suziqu's thread works said...

What wonderful little found treasures Dawn - the gorgeous tin, rusty sweet scissors and that dictionary - you must be feeling very lucky!
Love your latest book collage - it has you written all over it (so to speak!)
Have a wonderful week!

Shirley Hatfield said...

My Grandma Patta had a pin money purse just like that...it seems everyone is finding them except me. Not to worry...the quest is part of the fun! Thank you for sharing your treasures! =D

Lisa said...

Hi Dawn,
You know what I love about you??? If I gave you $5 you'd come back with a bag full of wonderful treasures. You don't have to spend a fortune to be inspired.
PS Love that tin too!

marda said...

What a wonderful bunch of treasures. Love them all, but partial to those notecards. I make my own, but still I wouldn't have passed on those either.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love all your little treasures and I am quite sure I would have brought them home with me had I seen them too! Have a happy day Dawn! :)

Createology said...

Treasures to behold. The little scissors are wonderful with their flair. Your creative wheels must be in overdrive...

NanaDiana said...

Such great finds. Love them all. I think that old Smith Cough Drops tin was MINE! lol I had one and it "disappeared" during one of my hubby's take-it-to-the-thrift-shop clean ups!

I really love that sweet little ceramic purse. It is so cute- blessings- xo Diana

Ellen said...

Wowwww Dawn, I love them all these GREAT finds!!!!

Hugs and have a nice day,

Unknown said...

sweet finds dawn! love the "pin money" bank! and your'e going to LOVE TJ Maxx! ;)

Unknown said...

sweet finds dawn! love the "pin money" bank! and your'e going to LOVE TJ Maxx! ;)

Dori said...

Lovely treasures you found! The pin bank was quite the find, but the little dictionary truly speaks to my heart. I'm absolutely sure it has been to France and back, at the very least in some sweet woman's hopeful daydreams. : ) It reminds me of the little Spanish grammar book I have. It belonged to my grandmother and is one of my treasures.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Nice haul, Dawn. I have several french dictionaries. Love the cover on yours.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your sweet finds ~ especially the pin money bank! My Mom always used to talk about her Dad making sure she had pin money...I was thrilled to find one of these banks years ago and cherish it!


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