Thursday, July 7, 2011

A forgotten pleasure ~

In the midst of
having a family,
raising babies,
teaching myself how to sew
and create anything new I can get my hands on,
cooking meals,
making sure everyone has clean clothes
and trying to keep a clean home for us all....
I have denied myself a great pleasure in this life ~

Now, I'm not talking about decorating books,
art books and magazines....
I mean books with no pictures :)

I have this little hang-up that I want to see the results of my time spent.
When reading a wonderful book,
I've always felt a little guilty when finished.
What do I have to show for it?

As I've gotten older, I'm slowly realizing what I'm missing!!!
My husband went to the library the other day
and brought home a book to read
A Home-Concealed Woman,
The Diaries of
Magnolia Wynn LeGuin
He's actually checked it out before too.
The reason being, is that the book is a personal diary of a woman
from 1901-1913 and
her home was only about a half a mile from where
we used to live a few years ago!

I'm fascinated by her lifestyle, writings and family ~
so if you've not already guessed, I picked the book up and
am enjoying it so much!!

I even found the book on Amazon!
It's expensive but I'm sure you could find it in your library as well.

So now, I'm half-way finished with it...
and yes, the hubs was going to read it himself
and I snagged it away from him ~
Maybe he can check it out again? :)

Do you love to read?
Also, do you wait until everything else is done for the day,
then read?

I hope you have a great Thursday dear friends!
hugs and love,


Angela said...

Hello Dawn, I love your sweet post today.
If the book has lots of pictures in it, I might read it, I don't have patience anymore to sit for hours with a book. Thank God my daughters can, they all love to relax and read.
I usually sit on the last 10 cm. on my chair even on a 7 hour flight!

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Hi Dawn...I love to read. My library just keeps growing and growing. A good book a cup of tea and a chair in the shade is my idea of a perfect hot summer afternoon. The book you are reading sounds interesting...will have to see if our library has it too!
Enjoy your reading!!

Nelly said...

I am a reader too I go thru stages where I read heaps then I stop for a bit (crafting and blogging take over) Dont feel guilty all mums desrve their treats

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

OOOO! That book sounds scrumpsh. I may need to check out my library today.

Yes! I LOVE to read. I'm not as much of a novel-girl though. I love all kinds - biographies, autobiographies, spiritual (anything from Christianity to zen!) psychology, mythology, self-help, inspirational, and even how-to tutorial books. My favorite book is, "The Creative Call" which is all about fulfilling your calling as an artist. : )

Nothing to show for it? Surely you jest! What you have to show after reading is a smile on your face, serenity in your heart, and peace of mind. I think that's alot to show!

Megan Chamberlain said...

I love to read, my whole family does. When I was a teenager I could read a book in two days. Why did time seem to stretch endlessly in those days but now seems to speed past. Unfortunately life gets in the way and so does work and creating but I still read for about 15 - 20 mins before going to bed.

Susan said...

Hi Dawn! I have been feeling the same way. I use to enjoy reading so much, then the internet came and blogging entered my life. With working and maintaining our home and blog there is no time to just sit in a chair a read.
I do not want to give up my blog as I have met some wonderful new people and enjoy the sharing and creativity of others. So its kind of a mix between worlds. So I have decided to designate at least 30 minutes a day for reading in a quiet center of my home.

Vee said...

I do love to read and I, like you, often feel guilty for taking the time to read. What is up with that? It just always feels as if I could or should be doing something else that would be more productive. Thanks for putting words to that so I could realize how ridiculous it is. If I can wish time for you to read and see the value in it, I might also have hope to see the same for myself. Your book sounds very intriguing. I'm writing it down in my little book of recommendations.

Unknown said...

i used to do my "summer reading"....just like when i was in school. Too busy during the "year" to read but would gather up all the books i wanted to read and , once 4th of July hit, i'd "hit the books." I would read atleast 15 books a summer. no kidding. alas...i have not picked up a "pictureless" book since i opened my ETSY shop. Hadn't thought abut it til now....kinda makes me sad. you've inspired me to make some time for one of my most favorite past times. i hope you enjoy your book!

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Oh I love to read too! I know the guilty feeling, and the feeling of "why do I have to do all these dishes and housework?" then came along my little iPod. I download books to listen to now, and it makes chores so much easier! And, I look at doing dishes now as a time I get to 'read'! It also makes my 1/2 hour trip into town and back go a little easier when I have a good book to listen to. Just finished Water for Elephants and am now listening to Heaven if for Real! But I still enjoy the good old fashioned way to read too! Have fun reading, sounds like a good book!

Anonymous said...

Reading? That's what I'm all about at The Writer's Reverie! I recognized the Le Guin name right off and see that the famous author Ursula LeGuin wrote the forward. She did some amazing stuff and I'm curious to see the connection. Maybe I can download this into my Nook Color! I downloaded every word Jane Austen ever wrote - so cool! Of course, having the real deals on my copious bookshelves is a plus! I love really old books - and I read them, too, in their vintage condition. I'd be hard pressed to rip them up to create art from them, though. But, there's an ephemera shop near me where I can get scraps for that. I coach people on reading and literacy for a living. Jump in and let your imagination soar - you will be duly inspired!
Miss Kathy

P.S. I'm with Jill - I love "The Creative Call" - get a copy for yourself and enjoy the devotional journey!

Joy Lett said...

There are many writers I collect and I have to have the hardback copy to keep after I read. Then I recently bought a kindle and now I read everyday- whenever. But it doesn't replace books for me it just has that "instant gratification" factor. I've always been a reader but my taste have changed. It's actually kind of funny.

Claudia said...

I used to love to read. I would have to set a timer - read a while - work a while. Now I read when I'm riding the stationary bike. Love your blog and all the things you create!

Rhonda said...

Well, you said a mouthful, yes, we do deny ourselves a good book to read because of life.

So now, you've inspired me to sit and read, thank you so much.

Take the time - give yourself a treat of a good book. My new motto.

Hopemore Studio said...

I know exactly what you mean!! I had to have a friend force a work of fiction into my fist and promise to read it before I remembered how much I simply love to get lost in books. Now I try really hard to always have one by my bedside and in the pool bag. Never a wasted moment to let the eyes wander over words and the mind 'see'.


Lena said...

I do love to read, and have my entire life. I do most of my reading late in the evening, as I don't sleep well. Reading opened up my entire life as a girl.

Thank you for posting this title. It sounds like a book that I will enjoy, very much.

Theory said...



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