Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chicken little ~ and just keepin' it real

Sometimes....I'm chicken.
Yes, I admit it ~
When I have new stuff, new supplies or new toys
I tend to put off using them.
What is THAT???

Courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

I think I'm a little afraid that I'll muck it up ~
you know, not be able to use it right?

I've still not even opened up the melting pot thing,
or even the beeswax block.

I see images in my head of what I EXPECT the artwork should look like....
but what will really happen when I try this new "thing"?
Who knows?!

Why am I such a scaredy cat?
I guess because I don't want to fail.....
But I'll never know 'til I try ~

I tend to put trying new stuff off.
I need to do a load of laundry.....wash dishes.....
clean that ~
I even do this to myself when I want to create ANYTHING ~
I don't know why at all.

I guess it's just the old school mind thing, "do your chores first! have fun later" ~
What holds you back in your creative journey???

While I was looking for a few images to post with this "chicken" post
just LOOK at what I found!

Can you believe it? A chicken feeder light! I'm in love...not so much with the price ~
but the look is just amazing, don't you think??

Happy Thursday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

Love this post Dawn. Love your honesty.

What keeps me from creating?
When life seems overwhelming, and confusing, I have a hard time focusing. When I'm feeling down, and have no reason on earth to be down, hard to create. Much easier to just clean inventory and put it in the computer, and then in the store, than sit down and decide on what to create. Even creating can feel overwhelming at times.

But, I did finally make something a couple of days ago. It felt good. =)
I feel the joy of the Lord rising up in me again.

maybe too much information. but then again, maybe it will help someone else.

blessings sweet friend.

barbara jean

liszha said...

This is really a great post. I can't hardly wait to use new things I bought. I am the opposite.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I've had my melting pot and even the video to go with it for many years. I still haven't used it! Sometimes it is just a little overwhelming getting started on something new. And you're right, there is laundry and vacuuming and dishes and cooking and more to do. Always. Looking forward to what you do come up with when you take the plunge. My best friend is totally opposite. She even had her crochet hooks in the car to get started on something new the day she drove two hours to buy some yarn and fibre through an ad on kijiji!

Lisa said...

Here chickie, chickie, chickie! LOL
I understand what your saying sweetie. I have all these amazing books with all these wonderful techniques. I go & buy all the supplies I need to make these wonderful things, & what do I have to show for it? A cabinet filled with Knox jello, Citra something, ink block supplies, Borax & 3 pounds of avacados! I think I just get overwhelmed with the possabilities.

Sally L. Smith said...

Oh, girl friend, you just rang my bell! I'm so like that. I guess our "old school" responsibility alarm goes off. When I care for everyone else, then I'll care for me. Why? Cause Momma taught us that, I guess. Sometimes when I'm in my creative jag, my house goes to pot, my pot for supper is empty but my pot belly is happy: ) Thanks for keeping it real.

Vee said...

I do a very similar thing and I also eat. Now this sounds weird, but when I want to do a thing, whatever it is, I eat so that I can't. I can't because my fingers are messy. I'm due for a psychiatric eval. ;D

Antiques In Old Town said...

Oh Dawn... You can not muck up...I love the hot wax encaustic,s ! I too gathered together my supplies after seeing Tarnished and Tattered,s WONDERFUL examples. You make the best waxing them will be amazing ! I have been doing collages on old mirrors then hot waxing them...they come out so cool ! GO FOR IT GIRL...IT IS SO FUN !

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Love , love, love the light. I know what you mean about chores before fun...this is my major creative stumbling block. If I could just escape my house to a little cottage or shed I would be so happy. Good luck with all of your new way could you mess anything up. Hugs-Carrie

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Dawn...I have some of the same feelings....I feel everything must be in place and just so so before I will allow myself any creating time...Well,the so so never gets there anymore so I am trying to change my thought pattern :) Of course,I could never create something as beautiful as you do...but I try and have thoughts of trying my hand at more creating ...what I do is very simple ...and always with imperfections :) I accept that now where as in the past I would just give up.I enjoyed your previous post...your house is wonderful with such a welcoming front door...just lovely.....blessings to you dear dawn.

Vicki said...

You know I used to feel the same way then I started making things in threes. Gives me a chance to experiment on the first and improve on the second and third. I do this when I'm trying something new. Crack open that beeswax, print some images and just play. Then, you can break out the good stuff when you get the hang of it and project starts to evolve.

Rhonda said...

Oh, you are so normal, we all do it. I buy supplies and tools and I just have to admire them for a while.

Same thing happens when I clean the house. I want it to look clean for a week. Now, that's not normal. LOL

What keeps me from creating? Messy studio...must clean it up and then I can get going.

Sandy said...


You are not alone. I have an entire line of supplies to learn to solder and have never given it a go. I need to get that stuff out and be like the little engine, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...."

Christine Marie Studio said...

oh yes! especially one of a kind treasures. What if I think of something better later that I could have done with it? I also tend to think that I need to do my "real" work first. Totally get it - thanks for the post! I feel a little more normal...

marda said...

And I thought I was the only chicken!!! I'm really on the ball when it comes to getting all the supplies, and then they sit. I got a kick out of your "light"...all those things needed for the chicken brooder house. When we moved to our farm, my mom wanted to raise chickens and sell the eggs. Years later walking around an antique show and seeing things from her youth she wondered why anyone would want that old stuff. Now I see things like those lights and porcelain chicken waterers and etc, I can imagine the comments those would bring.

Deb said...

i love that light....I'm a chicken sometimes too

Denise J. Phillips said...

Hey Dawn:) Love the feeder light! Also love that old bulb with it! Very unique, and creative. A friend of mine has a vintage cheese grater, (the old 4 sided metal kind), It's a hanging light over her kitchen sink! I think there's a big difference between being 'chicken' and just plain old hesitation. The difference is being able to act on the idea. I spent nearly 50 years being 'chicken' and never tried. Now, 4 years later, blog and art room built onto my home, I've jumped in both feet, and having the time of my life trying 'everything' artistic. So think of this the next time you 'hesitate', that you are not 'chicken', and the proof of that is all the wonderful comments you get from supporting creative people who you 'inspire'......have a great day:) ox

Rustique Gal said...

Dawn, Me too! I have a head full of ideas and a roomful of supplies, and I can't seem to plunge in and do! You always inspire me with your projects, filling my head even more. I'd better get the dishes done...

Shari Valicenti said...

What a relief!! I thought I was the only one with this dilemma!!!! There my art room sits....all sorts of supplies and I think, as soon as I clean and mow the yard I'll get to it. Or I finally sit down and I just go blank, or I start looking at blogs, then I think oh I love that but that is her idea, I need my own. Goodness, creating at the beginning is stressful! But once I get going it is sooo rewarding and I can't stop sometimes staying up till late at night because I can't stop!!!! Thanks SO much for being so honest...your honesty helped me, I'm actually a normal artist and not so flawed after all!!

Linda S. said...

Your post is so funny, and I am in your camp as well. What is holding me back lately is reading all the wonderful blogs. Everyone has wonderful ideas (yours is right up there, Dawn)! But, takes so much time, and then there are all those buttons on the sides of most blogs, which transport us to other wonderful places. By the time I've checked out all my favorite blogs, I am so overwhelmed, and also afraid I may ruin that one special piece that I have hunted everywhere for. I do find that inviting a friend over to craft will sometimes get me "past GO, and on my way to Boardwalk Place". Don't want to waste our precious time together, and have nothing to show for it. I laughed out loud at Vee's comment, and wonder if she would mind making an appointment for me as well!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hey girl...I was just thinking about the same subject, artists are all a bit insecure, thats how you know your an artist, right? I know what you mean about new tools and projects. I refer to youtube/other instructions, for them. I will do something I did years ago, thinking and afraid I had "lost the talent", to me that is a little more scary. Fear of failure???? Everything in it's own right time.
Spead the wings and fly!
Speaking of flying,,,how are your chickens???

Shari Valicenti said...

Dawn, I just spoke about this topic on my blog. How we let things intimidate us and how relieved I was that I wasn't the only one after reading your post. This subject really hit home for me as I have had to do so many intimidating things since my husband passed, but still sometimes creativity can still intimidate me.


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