Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet friendship...

I finished my assemblage!
I just labor over each and every element....the balance, the colors.....
I love the wonderful quote on this one ~
friendship is so sweet and precious.
For purchase in my shoppe here ~

Remember the stamp holder?
Well, I remembered I had some glass bottles
that all matched and I dug them out and LOOK!!!
Do you not just LOVE THIS?
I simply can't sell it....I just love it!

I know so many of you have had terribly cold weather and snow storms.
Please stay cozy and warm this winter weekend ~

Artist Class begins Monday.....I can't wait!!!
I love all of the projects and will have to get busy creating some of them!
But the neat thing about it is, if I don't have time
I can still save all of the tutorials and images and
create them when I do have time!
There's still plenty of time to sign up and for 10.00 off the price
just type in

Wishing you a relaxing, cozy weekend!!!
hugs and love,


Andy's Attic said...

I am looking forward to the class-----maybe I can "learn" to be creative!

Brittanie Gordon said...

LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Hey Dawn. Every piece and part of this is so precious. I love your use of natural colors and the way you used the twigs. What a beautiful image and perfect quote. Another excellent job.

BTW - I meant to get back to you yesterday but was gone & then before I knew it last night I'd lost track of time. Thank you for soothing my silly qualms. I love you too Sweetie. I figured your readership and friendships had grown so much and keeping you busy but just wanted to check.

Have a warm and fun weekend. oooxxx's...Tracy :)

Joyfulsister said...

You are so creative...
I love taking a peek at your work. I need some motivating :-(

Thanks for sharing your creations, makes the heart smile.

Hugz Lorie


Dawn, first of all I want to thank you for such nice commnets you made on my blog...thank you! And for putting a picture of my pillows on your thanks! I have had so many people stop by because of you and I appreciate that...I have just spend quite a bit of time looking through your very talented you are! I am so pleased that because of OWOH we found each other! Hope you have a great week end!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I knew you would unblock,,beautiful! The bottles,,,,perfect,,great vase for fresh flowers...or paint brushes,,,or.....

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Nope Dawn ..I would not sell it either...
You might try putting a tiny little flower in each one of those...or maybe some music sheet "labels" or some such on a couple of them too.
Imagine a set of those bottles...WOW !!

You know before long, there is not going to be a single "shabby" anything left in the world as we salvage the last of these wonderful items from every nook and cranny in every antique shoppe and flea market in the entire world !

Many hugs,

sandra said...

Your assemblage is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love every detail. Don't blame you for not selling those sweet bottles and stamp perfect for so many things.

Deb said...

Love the sepia/cream tones of your beautiful assemblage Dawn. It reminds me of sleeping on the train :-) precious! I also love your vintage stamp holder ~ such a fabulous find!
Have a wonderful weekend♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Very nice and creative! Love the bottles...I mean I REALLY love the bottles! They are amazing! ♥

Lisa said...

Oh Dawn, It turned out perfect! Just like I knew it would. When I look at it I feel like I'm in a magical forest & I'm looking into a window. It is so dimensional. The balance is just right, not too much. I know what you mean about agonizing over it all. I'm so scared of over doing things. You can always add, but it's harder to take away. You have a great weekend friend. You'll probably be setting up your booth, I'll be taking mine down. A task I've put off for too long. Lisa

Sandy said...

Precious! I love every tiny detail, especially the image you chose. I am sad that I saved all the classes from the last Artist Class to go back and do the projects later and then my computer up and died without a current backup and thus is the fate of my saved stuff. I love the projects from this class, they are awesome. Happy Saturday!

sweetpea said...

hello dawn. you are so talented. the assemblage is very sweet. you definitely should keep the stamp holder. the bottles are the perfect addition.



Debra said...

It is just lovely. I could just stare and stare at it.

Chani said...

Breathtaking, Dawn, just wonderful!
Love, Chani

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what will you put in all of the little bottles? It looks like a great glitter holder!!!

No fair! I live too far away from your antiques booth! :-(

I know it's going to be chock full of GOODIES!!!!


Noel Giger said...

Lovely! I can't believe all that labor of love for such a great price - someone should snatch that right up!

June said...

Dawn every piece of art you create is always just right. You have such a talent and it inspires me. Some of the things you choose to use in your artwork is so unique and something I would never even think to use. You are teaching me to look at things in a totally new way. That's what makes it special.

Unknown said...

i have come across some of those and have pass them up since i didn't know what to do with them. love the idea!. the friendship piece turn out beautiful, of course. Blessings, Marta,

Jann said...

Beautiful assemblage, Dawn! And I love the bottles in the stamp holder-genius!

Journal Swag said...

Your assemblage is beautiful! I especially love the "curtains"! Beautiful!


Dorthe said...

Dear sweetie,
your assemblage is so dreamy and fairylike, love it, love the beautifull flowers you used, and the quote, that just belong to the sweet emage.
And -now I would not sell that wonderfull old thing eighter. Keep it and enjoy it every day, dear Dawn.

sending you wishes for a happy sunday, and lots of

Lori said...

how very pretty Dawn!!! i love what you did with your stamp perfectly those little bottles are displayed that way!!!

Unknown said...

So pretty! I love the soft colors. The drawer gives you a feeling of being in a small room - cozy and sweet - beautiful!

cantonlace said...

So cute!!


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