Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our tree so far ~

We started decorating our tree last night and so far it's looking pretty ~ We have several more ornaments I've yet to find but should today.

Don't you love turning off all of the lights and looking at the tree? As a child that was so magical to me . . . I would also get on the floor, on my back and lay under the tree and look up through the branches! Christmas was a wonderful time in our home, beautiful music playing and looking at the gifts under the tree, trying to guess what's inside. As an adult, it's a little different now with the financial responsibilities of it all.

But sometimes, just for a moment, in the dark, gazing at the tree's soft glow

. . . it's magical again.


Lori said...

Dawn, your tree is just gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, the tree looks so pretty! Hope you find all those ornaments! I've lost a few as well1

ginny said...

I think your tree is just beautiful andsparly!
Good job.

ginny said...

I think your tree is just beautiful andsparly!
Good job.

Sherry said...

Gorgeous tree!! I love doing that at night..all the lights out except the tree lights and then lighting a few candles...very soothing, calming and peaceful. I feel snug and cozy like I am in a secret world.

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely, and the tree glowing in the dark is the absolute best part of Christmas for me! Thanks for a preview!
~Angela :-)

~Nancy~ said...

Do you have any more Eiffel Tower charms?
I clicked over and, *sniff*, it was sold!


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