Sunday, July 8, 2007

We're baaaaack!!

We returned from our vacation last night and I'm so glad to be HOME! We did have a wonderful time though. It was a little overcast when we arrived last weekend but as the week passed by the days became sunnier and much hotter.

Panama City Beach has changed a lot in the last four years. So many high-rise condos and big fancy buildings right on the beach. I've enclosed a few photos for you to see ~ I didn't take as many as I should have but I did have such a nice time with Dennis and the boys (one of their friends came, too!)

Thank you all so very much for your wishes for a good time! What sweet friends you all are . . .

This is my 100th post ~ it's time for a give-away

Stay tuned, it's a coming!!!!

Can you believe these skies as we entered Panama City??

My sweet Noah being a ham ~

Chase (in front - ours) and Brandon (on his back) ~ and Noah looking kinda mad!

We took our two Devon Rex kitty cats, Chester (white) and Thelma (grey) with us and they had fun after they adjusted to the new surroundings ~ then they both returned to their normal activities, sleeping, eating and having a lot of fun together!

A face only a mother could love ~ my only little girl, Thelma . . .

And what did I do with the paperclay? A sweet little frog for a friend of mine, a baby and a bear . . . the little guys will sit on a decorated box and soon be in my Etsy!

Oh! and look what I found at the Panama City Hobby Lobby! You may have already seen this adorable alphabet clay flexible mold but I just had to have it. I smushed a bunch of paper clay into the mold and will use these little tiles in collages! LOVE IT!


Becky said...

Good to see you had a good trip. Your pictures are great.
And I see you've been working.

Deb said...

Welcome back Dawn! Sounds like a wonderful vacation ~ great photos. I love that you took your cats Chester & Thelma (love those names) :-}

Anonymous said...

Wonderful vacation indeed!

Lena said...

Hi Dawn,
Welcome home! It looks like you had the perfect trip.
Your paperclay creations are really coming along. I like to work with paperclay, but mostly just mold things with it. I'm glad you shared this mold with us. I've never seen it and think it's really cool. We don't have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near us, but I'm going to check online. Thanks!


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