Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meme post ~

Sweet Deb from Posted from Home has tagged me to post about 8 random things about myself . . . hmmm, I had to do this before for five items and that was a struggle but I'll give it a go ~

1) I am a serious packrat ~ mostly of anything and everything that I can turn into something else. My art room is so very full of treasures that if something ever happened to me, well, my husband would be utterly amazed!

2) Then on top of that, I love things truly neat and tidy. It's in my blood. My parents home is immaculate and in my mind I wish for mine to be, but the packrat thing gets in the way!

3) I adore babies. I guess you can assume that due to the fact of me having five boys. But that newborn time, when most people are afraid and not sure what to do with them, I cherish those moments. The softness of their delicate hair, the tiny lips curling into a smile while they are going to sleep and their sweet breath when they are sleeping on your shoulder . . . those moments are gone in a blink of an eye . . .

4) I do not, at all, like working in the corporate world. The politics and such make me cringe. I've worked for small businesses when I was a graphic designer and prefer it much more.

5) I love books ~ not fiction, but decorating, how-to, art, craft, collage or along those lines books. Magazines also but I'm much choosier now on which ones I will buy. My favorites: Country Living, Romantic Homes, Country Home, Mary Englebriet's Home Companion, Romantic Country and the classic Victoria!

6) I married the boy across the street. I moved into the neighborhood when I was in fourth grade and Dennis was in sixth. We became fast friends as time passed. He was always the nicest person on the street, so kind to everyone so as to not hurt their feelings. That was a time when children ran outside in the morning and just came home for a quick meal and then it was back outside to play with their friends only to return when the sun was setting. I moved away from the neighborhood when I was in tenth grade . . . after I graduated from high school, one evening I was thinking of Dennis and decided to give him a call to see how he was doing ~ well my dears, we were engaged in one month and married in six. 26 years and counting. I love you, Dennis.

7) I am a selective learner. I will only learn what I want to. Algebra, yuck ~ who needs that stuff? But when I wanted to learn how to sew, I bought a machine, bought a pattern and POW! I'm sewing. My second or third project was a man's collared shirt ~ it wasn't perfect mind you but I finished it!

8) My birthday is the day after Christmas. It has it's good points and it's bad. I've always loved Christmas and the fact that it seemed to be two days long to me was always a wonderful thing. But everyone is so partied out, broke, and basically just worn out that it's just not that big of a deal. Not that I need fanfare, it's just "the day after" and we all know how that feels.

Wow. Aren't you sick of me now?? That's a lot of facts to muster up. Thank you so much for tagging me sweet Deb. I'm going to pass on tagging anyone else . . . boy, that was hard!! xxoo, Dawn


Cindy said...

That is so cool how you met your husband! I enjoyed reading all your things.

Lori said...

#3 and #6 awwww, made me get little tears in my eyes, very very sweet...

PAT said...

Hi Dawn, thanks so much for visiting the back porch!

I like your list and enjoy seeing your blog!

Back Porch Musings

Deb said...

Thanks for playing the "tag" Dawn - it was fun learning more about you :-}. Love the story about how you met your hubby & of course #3 ... my "baby" turns 18 in 11 days but still I can't help but look at baby items when I pass by them in the shops :-}

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, I really like the bunny, so cute. I am a pack rat too. And alas, my birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas so I know how you feel.Thanks for visiting my site and your sweet comments.

Amy said...

I am the Queen of the Packrats!

I married my friend who had known me since I was a baby in diapers!!

Vee said...

So you married a friend, too. :D Loved learning more about you!


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