Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sweet Chester

Well, he's really kind of grumpy but sweet to us. Chester and his sister, Thelma are Devon Rex cats. This particular breed is a little easier on us that have cat allergies. I had researched this on the internet and found a wonderful breeder in Augusta, GA and ended up buying Chester in 2001 and Thelma in 2004. Here's a photo of Chester, his coat is somewhat not characteristic of the Devon Rex and we were able to buy him for a discount! Thelma's fur looks like a true Devon. We love them both dearly and they truly are members of the family.


kansasrose said...

Chester is a love! What a beautiful and unusual cat! His fur looks so soft and such a pretty color. Are you Dawn? Your home is just beautiful...I have enjoyed looking at your lovely finds and the way you decorate with them. My idea of a dream home. Have a great day! :) Jenny

The Feathered Nest said...

Thank you so much Jenny! Yes, I am Dawn, and I really appreciate your sweet comments about Chester and my house. Sometimes it's not so pretty with all the antiquing finds scattered around and projects for the store and such, but I try!


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