Monday, February 26, 2007

Found treasures!

Well, I went treasure hunting this weekend with my family and we found some great things for the store. Here are a few photos: (Coming soon to an antique store near you!)

A lovely old framed photograph, all in those wonderful sepia tones. Also a small painting with the same colors. A neat biscuit jar, old hand mirror and a gorgeous antique mirrored plateau!

A not-so-old Burpee Seed tray, a beautiful statue of a lady and an old advertising thermometer for our garden section.

An amazing Victorian photo album, and a sphere thing, what are these things called?

I'm really pleased with everything we found and just hope they just fly out of the store!


For Love Of Home said...

Oh Dawn, its a good thing we don't shop together since we would be fighting over who will buy it first. Great choices, can't wait to see them in the store.

Vintage Papers said...

I found these treasures fascinating! I have a photo album that is IDENTICAL to the one here.
It contains photos from my Grandfather's side of the family - and many are "unknown" - too odd to see someone with the same album.


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