Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Beautiful October ~

I love this month!!! It always brings back so many precious memories.
Do you have a time of year that does that for you?
Fall is that time for me.

I dated my precious husband and was engaged in the fall...
I was pregnant with most of my babies in the fall,
just waiting to see their sweet faces!
Plus I've always loved the changing leaves and in Georgia
we have a beautiful show from the trees.

Yes, I know this leads to much colder weather and winter,
but for just a very short, wonderful time we have the gift of fall!

I have to share something quite personal with you.
I've been on a mission to drop a few pounds.
I started June 28th eating low carb, low sugar and healthy!
after just 14 weeks eating this way I have dropped 29 pounds!!!!

I feel so, so much better you just wouldn't believe!
But I still have a ways to go until I reach my goal but it's just such
a wonderful thing to be able to make better choices and control your health!!

Here is a little don't laugh.
The "before" photo a friend had called my name and startled me
so I look like a deer caught in headlights!!!
The "after" photo is from last week...I'm so excited!

And so....I need to get my fanny back into the studio!
I want to create a few single treasure pockets to sell and 
a few other ideas ~

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends!

hugs and love,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A slice of life ~

My goodness, it seems that time is whizzing by at a high rate of speed!!
I guess the older I get I realize just how fleeting time really is.

I have been busy though!
I finished the two organizers that were to be baby shower gifts.
One even had little touches of pale, pale pink sprinkled all over it.
I had the most gorgeous pink ribbon that I used on some of the pockets
and across the bottom too! I even found pale pink buttons in my stash
to add to the front of the pockets. I guess it helps when you're a hoarder!!

Here a few photos I wanted to share with you:

Plus I had a friend wanting a pair of baby shoe pincushions...
These are so fun to make!!

I had a few sugar dishes that I thought would be pretty repurposed as pincushions too ~
They've sold but I still wanted to share them with you!

And now I have a project of trying to save six panels of wonderful bark cloth!
The curtains have serious damage on the edges so I'm pressing them
then creating new side hems for them. So far it's going really good ~
I just love saving beautiful, old things!

And speaking of time flying by...
Our precious grandson Murray!!!
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

So, the temp is supposed to 90 degrees here in Georgia tomorrow.
I'm ready for cooler weather!!
Hopefully it will arrive soon ~

Thank you always for stopping by to see
what's going on in my little corner of the world ~

hugs and love,

Monday, September 7, 2015

Beautiful fall ~

So, here's the thing.
I've never...EVER...had a guest post on my blog.
I've had requests but declined them all.
Who will I have as my first guest post?
My precious daughter-in-law Emily!
Our oldest son, Brent's wife Emily, is such a talented writer
I invited her to write a guest post for my blog!!!

I love fall, Emily loves fall as well ~
Thank you so much sweet girl!

It's coming. As of September 23, it is coming. What is coming? What could be coming that would be so worthy of a blog post? I will tell you what, fall! Here in the south we get excited about fall or autumn if you prefer. Our summers are long, hot and humid. By August, they feel never ending. And sometimes they are. Sometimes it can stay hot here until October. We southerners are so desperate for fall because the air is thick and suffocating, and because being covered in a shower of sweat every time we walk out the door is well, exhausting. We literally crave all things fall.

So when the first leaves fall, even if it may be from the lack of rain, we get excited. We start to break out or fall decorations and our fall wreaths as a sort of ritual that we hope will bring autumn roaring around the corner. We start gracing our mantels with fall candles that fill our homes with the scent of pumpkin and spices, apples and cinnamon, and my favorite toasted marshmallows. We longingly and lovingly stroke our scarves and thick knitted sweaters hanging in our closets. We start to bake apple pies, and cook creamy soups and thick stews. We delight in the fact that football season has started. Our hunters get geared up for hunting season.

Then, then it happens. It usually happens so suddenly we don't even notice. One morning we wake up, walk outside, and we are shocked by the crisp coolness in the air. Fall has arrived. The summer heat has dissipated, and the newness of fall has begun. The leaves have finally turned their brilliant colors of red, yellow, orange and brown. The breeze that blows through the trees has a chill that runs through it. The sun shines brilliantly, and the air is clear and clean. The ground smells of wet leaves and damp moss. We can finally go outside without sweat beading on our foreheads. Our days and nights are cool enough to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in.

Although fall may welcome in the coming of winter, it is a newness and freshness that we as southerners so desperately crave because of our long, scorching summers. Autumn passes quickly for us, and we cherish every second of it. It cools our bodies and our minds and makes us kinder. We look forward to it, and when it finally arrives the heat monster of summer is lifted from our shoulders, and we can relax. The changes of the seasons gives us perspective throughout the year. Just when we think that summer or winter may stay forever, we see the first falling leaves of fall, or the first budding trees of spring. We realize that even though we may not see it, it is in fact happening, and we can and should believe in it. Fall is coming, autumn is coming. So hold tight to that fact, light your pumpkin candles, drink a hot cuppa, prop your feet up, and look forward to welcoming in the season!

Wonderful, right?
Here is my sweet daughter-in-laws blog!
She's such a wonderful writer!!!

I love you so sweet Emily!
What a beautiful post ~
thank you so very much!!!

hugs and love to my sweet friends as well,
xxoo, Dawn


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