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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Feeling so inspired lately!!! Welcome sweet September ~

I can't explain my crazy ideas but we have several HUGE magnolia trees
in our front yard and I've always thought that the seed pods were so beautiful.

So I go gather a few up and spray them with Kilz and proceed to paint them
with beautiful metallic colors, just wanting to maybe turn them into ornaments!
This was really just an experiment though...and some of the pods still burst open
doing what nature told them to do. I also saved some to dry to see if I could work
with them later on. It's all an experiment!

Next project table: I want to create a handmade nature journal/book.
I'm in the beginning stages but want to incorporate beautiful dried flowers,
insect wings, and of course ephemera and lace. We'll see...this is a work in progress!

I had these beautiful plaques/placemats hanging in my old studio 7 plus years ago.
They are illustrations from the book "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"
I FINALLY hung them in our old farmhouse this week.
That only took 7 years.

I've also been working on this wonderful lavender soap and
have had several orders too...
It smells heavenly!

Another project in the works?
A restoration of sorts.
For my dear brother-in-law.

Normally, I wouldn't touch this wonderful, aged Santa face!!!
I love old, crusty and vintage.

But my BIL hangs him in the middle of a huge wreath on their front door
during the Christmas season. And with the sun setting on the front of their home,
he's deteriorating fast.

So he's been caulked and primed and the undercoat painting has started!

This one just came to my mind this week.
Why not buy a few fall elements and add them into our
spring wreath on the front porch???
I can pull them out at the end of the year and I'm golden for Spring again!

I just crammed the elements into the wreath to give you an idea.
I'll be sure to share it finished!

My finished wreath!
I'll just pull out the fall elements again come spring ~

An old birdcage pendant light!!!

I've had this old birdcage top for years and years now.
SO I thought I'd order a pendant/plug/switch lamp kit to see 
if I could transform it into pendant light!

Oh we go!

With the encouragement of our son Brad, I totally took apart the new lamp socket thing
and had to feed it through the opening at the top of the bird cage.
Just remembering how it came apart and how to put it back together
correctly was truly the challenge.

The hole wasn't large enough...and since my drill died a while back
it was time to go primal and I used graduating drill bits and a vice grip
to twist and turn that opening to be larger!!!!
And believe it or not, it WORKED!

And now?

I think the changing of the seasons has me working like a crazy girl!
Our weather has been a bit milder here in Georgia and it gives me energy!

Sorry for the long post but it's been awhile ~
Thank you always for stopping by to see me!!!

hugs and love,

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A precious overnight guest and a fairy house!

A few months ago I was at Hobby Lobby and ran across the most wonderful
driftwood birdhouse and it was on sale half off!

I looked at it and immediately knew it would be a great creative project for my
granddaughter Clara and I to transform into a fairy house!

So the right weekend presented itself and we planned for her to spend the night
at Mimi and Papa's and for us to have a creative time together.

Of course, I've gathered nature supplies over the years and had plenty of stash
to pull out for us to use to embellish the little house.

I had so many different types of moss, feathers, seed pods, acorn caps, sticks, straw, etc.
We pulled it ALL out!
And of course I had my favorite glue, Fabri-Tac (kind of like hot glue but cold and it dries so fast!)

Clara is now EIGHT years old and talked my head clean off during this project!
I loved it so much!!!!
She was adorable and told me, "Mimi, I think I may need to drink some milk...
my throat is hurting because I've talked so much!!"
Sweet, sweet girl. I pray we made a precious memory for her that evening.

We created the "shelves" from driftwood that were gifted to me from
my dear friend Dorthe in Denmark! How wonderful is that?
I told Clara how far away these little pieces had come that
we used on her little house.

It was Clara's idea to poke a speckled egg into the "chimney"!!! I love it!
The chimney is actually the cap from a large Burr Oak acorn!

Of course, the fairy house was hers to take home and remember our creative night together.
She was so proud of it!!!

A few close up photos of the finished fairy house!

We even had a little time for sketching too!

We had such a sweet time together!
These truly are the good ol' days for sure ~
We slept in our newly remodeled guest room too!

We said our prayers together, sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
and fell fast asleep.
As I rolled over the next morning this was my view.
What a precious angel!

These truly ARE the good ol' days.
I love you my sweet Clara!

I can't believe it's already August!
Time flies dear friends...
I'm looking forward to fall as always.
It's my very favorite!

I hope you are doing so, so good and
thank you always for stopping by
to see what I'm up to!

hugs and love,

Monday, June 19, 2017

A finished guestroom and I LOVE IT!

Whelp....this little, itty bitty guest room was months and months in the making!
Yes, I had no deadline but ten months is kinda ridiculous!
Oh well....It's been used way before now but I just finally hung everything on the walls.

My finished framed herbarium pages!
I taped together packing paper pieces from Walmart to create a huge piece of paper.

Next I measured as best I could so they would be perfectly spaced apart.
You should have seen me on the floor, creeping around this huge thing!

I decided to mark around the frames a little bit to help me with the leveling
when I taped the pattern to the wall.

I also measured the distance from the top to the hanger on the back of the frame
to mark where the nail hole would need to be. I had to remove the stand on the backs
before hanging as they were way too long.

I used painter's tape on the top left corner then used a laser level on the right side
to determine where to hang it so my pattern would be level.
I promise, it's not perfect but good enough to make me happy!!!

Next, I hammered in a small nail on each mark on my pattern.

And this is the result sweet friends!!!!

These herbarium pages are real specimens and were created in 1898.
I'm just so happy they have a place of honor in our home!

More photos around the room after more items were hung!

I found the rug at Homegoods and it was pricey but the velvet bed skirt was a thrift find!


This little room is probably only 10' x 12' but I've managed to cram about a zillion things
in it!!! But I truly am pleased with the results. I hope you can get a few ideas from it!

Wishing you a beautiful week dear friends!

hugs and love,


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