Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A little tweaking and some goodies!

I ran across this pretty image a few days ago and thought of you ~
maybe you can use it on one of your Valentines!
I share it most every year.
I can't remember where I found it though...

Remember when I planted the fresh ivy plants about a week ago in these two planters?
Well, they started dying one. by. one. So guess what?
I took them straight back to the store. I had my receipt so back they went.
So after I left Lowe's, I headed to Hobby Lobby hoping they had some
realistic looking greenery on sale.
And guess what, they did!!!

This is actually a garland with wonderful, long tendrils hanging down.
It's pretty long too but it was kind of pricey at 39.99 but
at 50% off, 20 bucks is much better!
I love the color and the textural look of it plus
look how great it looks in my planters!!!

I simply used a pair of wire cutters and cut the garland in half then
just swirled it around the base of my twigs, so easy.

It's a teeny little dining room but I love it.

My place mats are too big for my table but I'll trim them down soon.
They're just vinyl but I love that they have a woven basket look.

I've been busy on the computer today too!
I added a few vintage treasures to my Etsy store.
These pretty dessert plates used to hang in our bedroom.
I think they are beautiful as wall art.

Love these. I call them "giving hands".

A crusty vintage padlock...

A sweet pair of child's shoe forms!

Just a few little pretties!!!
I need to dig around here to find more treasures to let go of ~

Thank you so much for stopping to see me ~

Hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Altered inspiration!

I ran across this photo today on Facebook ~
You know how it will share your old posts and memories with you?

This was from a year ago today and I love it!
The morning light was streaming in across a door in my studio
where I've hung pretty little treasures that inspire me ~
I love seeing and displaying wonderful things that make me smile!

Surround yourself with what you love
and you truly WILL be inspired!

I finally finished my altered treasure box!
Yes, I used a favorite graphic of mine and I know you've seen it before
but I can't help myself...
I love it!

The box was primed, painted and lightly antiqued.
Then I added the graphic to the top and began embellishing.
Trying to decide what lace or trim to use is always the fun part.
It has to work perfectly with the color, size and scale of my project.

Finally I had to finish up with a pretty seam binding bundle and rhinestone bauble.
It sold quickly right from my Facebook page as I tend to share
my artwork in progress there.

I lined the inside the most beautiful antiqued gold paper
and then added a lace band in the lid
so old photographs or other ephemera could be tucked in and held safely.

By the way, here is a little "before" shot.
It was pretty to begin with but I knew I could elevate it just a bit!

I actually got out the other day and went antiquing too!!!
It was 65 degrees and sunny here in Georgia so it was perfect.

As I pulled into the parking lot of a local antique mall,
look at what I saw!!!!
Isn't it wonderful???
It even has fun little curtains hanging inside.
It's a 1977 Volkswagen Van in gorgeous condition!

This one's a little blurry but I loved this gorgeous piece.
I'm not sure what it is but it was beautiful.

Yes, one of those tails came home with me. I love the weirdest things!

My little pile of treasures! Not much but carefully chosen.

Now to start a new project ~
What to do, what to do...

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!

hugs and love,

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sweet, small and pretty ~ perfect for this old farmhouse!

I finally finished painting our new dining room table!
Apparently I had forgotten how much I despise painting furniture.
I guess because I have painted way too many pieces in the past,
especially when I had my antique store.
This just reminded me what a drag it is!

But I really am pleased with the result.
And since the table itself was less that forty dollars
I guess I shouldn't complain!

I was going to paint the chairs as well but
I kind of like the look of them the way they are.
They look good with the wall color and
since my goose is cooked with painting furniture,
I think I'll just enjoy the contrast!

I've also found a few more junkin' treasures lately
so I thought it would be fun to share a few with you ~

First, this wasn't found at the thrift store but Hobby Lobby
has their glass items 50% off this week and
I had this wonderful Southern Living at Home cake stand...
(yes, I used to sell the stuff)
So I thought a beautiful glass cloche would be perfect resting on top!
I measured the diameter of the cake plate top before I left home
and it just so happened that they had the perfect sized glass dome!

Now to decide what to display inside.
That's the fun part!!!

I'm sure I'll be changing this display frequently but
here is my first attempt.
I still need to add a little bit more greenery!

PLUS...here are a few treasures from the thrift store that I've found
in the last month or so:

A beautiful throw that matches our leather living room furniture...
less than three dollars!
It's been laundered and ready for getting cozy.

One gorgeous damask curtain (still less that three dollars) that is just waiting
to be transformed into something new!!
I love washing my finds as soon as I get home...

A pretty tuxedo style blouse that is wonderfully long...5 bucks and some change!

A neat little knitted pouch/purse for 4 bucks and change...
great for a flea market when you don't want to carry your big purse!

It even still had the original tag on it!!!

Two brand new, in package, full muslin cotton sheets that I washed and bleached.
Each one was just over a dollar a piece.
What will I do with them?
I don't know yet but when I think of it, I'll have them!!!

This was such a sweet find ~
A vintage child's butterfly collecting kit!!!
I just love it all...

But really.
Do they have to write the price in grease pencil right on the wood???
I need to figure out how to remove it.
But you can see what a deal it was!!!

And I recently found THIS at the thrift...
the best thing BY FAR that I've ever, ever discovered.

For a mere 5 bucks and change
an original MAGNOLIA PEARL blouse!!!
I absolutely LOVE IT!

Neat, huh???

Me at my happy place!!!

So, that's a few of my found goodies...
the hunt is always so much fun!

Now that I'm finished with the dining room
it's time to get back into my studio
and make a few pretties.
Hmmmm, what shall I make???

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to ~

Hugs and love,


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