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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Special days and special gifts!!!

I had been thinking and thinking of something wonderful
that I could make for my sweet friend Lisa's birthday this month.
She has the corner on the market of incredible supplies
in her studio, so what I could give her in that respect
would pale in comparison to her already amazing collection!

So...I finally decided I would make her a pair of pillows!
I ran across the prettiest pair of hand towels at Hobby Lobby
and knew they would look gorgeous as pillow fronts.
Plus, I knew the colors would be PERFECT in her home as well.

Here are the goodies that I used in creating her pillows!
All fabrics were pre-washed so they would already be preshrunk and
when it comes time to wash the slipcovers, they will still fit the inserts.

The ticking fabric was found at Walmart of all places! I love it. I knew it would
be beautiful as a small ruffle around and also for the ties in the back.
The other fabric I used was a drop cloth that coordinated perfectly after
I lightly bleached it in the wash.

I wanted a slouchy look on these I really think I achieved it!
I made the covers slightly over-sized and just love the look of them ~
The feather inserts can easily be removed when it comes time to
toss them into the washing machine!

My next challenge?
Trying to get these big ol' pillows to Texas!
They are about the size of a Euro pillow.
I'm trying this: one of those space bags you suck all the air out of!
They are a flat as a flitter now.
I'm going to build a box around them and see how that works!

I still have a few more gifts to gather for my precious friend but
these are finished!!!

Also, I have to show you my beautiful Mother's Day gift from
all of our boys!!!
Our son Brad works for a lighting company and
all of the boys chipped into get this beautiful fixture
for our dining room
Brad installed it on Mother's Day too!
I absolutely love it!!!

Pretty, right?
I think it suits our little dining room just perfectly.

I'm adding a few things to my Etsy shop and wanted you to see as well.
I have GOT to start de-stashing some of this stuff!!!!
Really, my studio is about to BURST!
Here's a link to my shop if you'd like to take a peek:

I'm going to start adding things every day to try to
get rid of some of my hoard!!!

I hope you are doing so very good
and thank you always for stopping by to see me!

hugs and love,

Friday, April 15, 2016

A clean, fresh face!!!

That's what this feels like!!!
Like I've washed off tons of make-up and
my face is now fresh and sparkly clean!

I've been wanting to clean this ol' blog up
for SO LONG and I finally did it!

I hope that it loads faster for you all now too.
Please let me know if it does, OK??

I may clean it up even more, we'll see.
But for now I just love it!!!

And in other news....

You have GOT to see what I found at the thrift last week!!!
A 100.00 Rowenta ironing board for only...
wait for it...

Can you believe that?
Then I found the perfect cover on Amazon for just 14.00.
It is rock solid and has a HUGE ironing surface.
It's the simple things that make me happy!!!

And lastly, I have a new hair cut and just thought I'd share it with you!!!
And yes...I'm in my moo moo here...but who cares ~
Having your hair done always makes you feel amazing!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend precious friends!!
hugs and love,

Friday, April 1, 2016

Snippets of loveliness ~

The other day I pulled out a blank canvas wanting to make something new.
It was a simple 11 x 14 canvas that I simply layered with
snippets of loveliness!

I started by gluing on a piece of vintage linen to the base.
Raw edges were exposed, it didn't matter either.
I wanted it to have more of a loose feel.

Then I began layering things.
I ripped pieces of a gorgeous Ralph Lauren sheet that I love.
(That is the vintage roses fabric you see peeking through the lace!)
I cut the bottom off of a precious old baby dress.
The scallops and embroidery were perfect!
Plus the pale pink shade was beautiful with the colors
in the ripped sheet pieces.

At first I don't glue a thing.
Well, except for the base fabric covering the canvas.
But after that I begin playing.
Put this on, look at it...remove it and try something else.
I keep doing this until I love what I see.
Of course it helps to have a gorgeous image
as the focal point in the center!!!
Below is a photo of my work in progress ~

And finally, when I KNOW it's right, I glue everything into place!
Below is my finished piece.
I happened to show a work-in-progress photo on my Facebook page
and it sold right away before it was finished.

After the photo below was taken,
I added about five mother of pearl buttons to the pretty piece
of pink ribbon and lace across the bottom.
Sometimes it just needs one more beautiful element!

I have to share some recent thrift store finds with you!!
Both of the chairs that I've placed in front of our fireplace
were found for only 15.00 each!!!
Now that Spring has arrived, the fireplace is out of commission
so why not pile in a few more chairs for extra seating?

This past month on March 21st, my sweet husband and I celebrated
our 35th wedding anniversary!
I created a sweet collage of us and our precious sons...

We celebrated the day with our son Brad and
had lunch at a classic Atlanta restaurant,
Mary Mac's Tea Room
(ohmygoodness, SO DELICIOUS!)
#marymacstearoom #marymacs
and then we had an afternoon of touring
a beautiful Atlanta cemetery
and enjoyed a little bit of antiquing and junkin!!!

It really was such a fun day!!!

I've got to share this photo of the wisteria that 
grows wild near our old farmhouse ~
Spring has definitely arrived here in Georgia!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
precious friends!!!

hugs and love,


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