Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They simply belong together ~

I finished two more little pumpkins!!!
The first one is about 6" in diameter and these last two
are 5" and 4" in diameter...
I grouped them together on an old plate
and just knew they should be sold together!

I thought I'd share a couple of photos with you ~
the real stems really make them wonderful.

I've have them listed all together in my Etsy shop!

This afternoon I was starting dinner and
I noticed a little something outside the window.
It seems the shadows are getting a bit longer....
the sky is a little less hazy but crisper and a clearer blue.
It's still pretty hot here but we've had some cool mornings
that hold the promise of fall!!!

Happy Wednesday dear friends ~
hugs and love,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A few more ~

I decided to make a few more of the little white pumpkins.
The first one hasn't sold, so I thought I'd make one a little smaller and then
a third one even smaller to create a sweet set!

They're almost finished and I'll be sure to share a photo of all three
in a grouping as soon as I'm done.
They'll have much more impact displayed together!

A few beautiful images for you to use ~

I hope your week is going so good!!!
Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday precious friends.

hugs and love,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Using the stash ~

If you only knew what I have crammed up in this studio!!
But I finally decided to use some amazing real pumpkin stems
that my sweet friend Lisa and her children collected for me a few years ago.

SO, I created a fabric pumpkin!
No, this one's not made with luxurious velvet fabric you normally see
but a beautiful, textured cotton.
I decided to paint it after I stuffed it with poly pellets and polyfil.
I just thought it would give it much more body
plus I could brush on a little matt gel medium here and there
over the paint to sprinkle on a little "frost" or crystal clear glitter :)
I even added a little "frost" to the stem!

I love this little guy...he looks big but is about 6" in diameter.
Of course I had to add a sweet bird tag tied with hemp cord that
worked beautifully into tendrils!!!

This sweetie is listed now in my Etsy shop if you want to see more ~

I'm still wondering if I should make more...just look at the stems I have!!!!

I have to share this precious photo of our granddaughter Clara.
She absolutely LOVES kindergarten!!!
Her mama took this pic last week one morning before leaving for school ~
she's such an angel baby.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friends ~

hugs and love,


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