Saturday, October 24, 2020

Autumn is finally here and my heart is happy!


Fall has always, always is my very favorite time of the year.
I have so many precious memories from this sweet season.
Starting college, meeting precious life-long friends, dating my husband....
I always have loved the cooler weather too, Georgia summers can be brutal and so humid!

Right now it's raining cats and dogs outside and will probably make many
leaves fall that I still want to see turn.
It's okay though.
Rain is a precious gift and I'm thankful!

This has been a very rough year for all of us.
I've missed my family so terribly.
And then staying after day...can mess with your head!
I've always been a homebody but at least I had a choice to go out.
We are simply trying to be wise in our household as we are all
physically compromised here.

I'm not sure what our holidays will hold at this point
but I do know this.
I love my precious family dearly.
Even if we have our celebrations separately,
we all love one another so much!
This too shall pass.

I'm having a small sale in my Etsy store if you're feeling creative!
It's mostly tutorials that you all know I sell plus
a few handmade items as well.

Click HERE to visit!

Here are a few of my artist pieces! You know how I loved dried elements!

I'm sorry for the sparseness of my posts.
Seems my heart just hasn't been in it.
With a studio full of supplies even.
Praying for better times for us all!!!!

Thank you all for continuing to visit my ol' blog.

Hugs and love!!!


At Home in English Valley said...

Oh Dawn, this year has tested us all. The bonds of love with our families are so strong, and so healing, we will always be close at heart. I try not to think about how happy I was, but that we will all be happy again. Grateful for everyday gifts. Smiles of my grandchildren, a call from the kids, a apple cake in the oven. Warm memories, good times to come. You’ve got this! Love to you and yours.

just me... jan said...

Fall is also my favorite time of year, whether I’m living in the north country or here in Texas. I agree with your comments on the current times...Covid has cramped everyones style! I thought at the beginning of this mess that I would make great progress in completing projects and organizing. How wrong I was! I’m just now starting to make headway in these areas. In the last eight months I’ve left my home less than 20 times (six of them annual medical tasks/testing)...unheard of before! I haven’t seen my children in all that time as well. A tough thought to ponder as the holidays are fast approaching and gathering together will probably continue to not happen. Take care sweet friend, I think of you daily!❤️

Sandy K said...

Dawn, thank you for the post even if it is limited, you did it. I so understand how you are feeling, I too have found it hard to do my projects, did start out doing lots of cleaning, it felt good. Now I read a lot, but do have some crocheting of sachet bags going. We all will get through this, I am practicing everyday to find a blessing and being thankful for all we do have.

Teddee Grace said...

That forest scene is absolutely stunning. It looks like a painting. Thanks so much for sharing it.

lala said...

Always enjoy seeing your lovely creations- than you for bringing a bit of sunshine to my morning.


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