Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sometimes I lose my way ~

It's true.
I lose my way, my juju, my muse and simply want to kick myself.
Do you ever feel that way?
I've been trying to look through books, magazines and Pinterest
to gain a little inspiration for creativity though.
Hopefully it will help!!

I do want to share something I made recently
and am still in love with it!!!
It has sold to a dear friend but I still wanted to
share it here.

It's quite simple really.
And old divided drawer or box...
I added gorgeous antique ledger paper pieces to the back...
Then added beautiful dried blooms and botanicals inside
each section, each one secured carefully.

The back has a hanger that applied to it and
a few silk strands have been added to the top.

Sometimes simplicity is beautiful.

I hope you're having a wonderful summer sweet friends, stay cool!!!

Hugs and love,


Bella said...

So very beautiful like everything you do!

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your latest piece. It may not feel like it now but you are nurturing the fickle muse by providing her with food for thought during a creative lull. Sometimes I have managed to draw out inspiration by playing with another sort of artistic endeavor. Also, it’s been my experience that a new to me found object that I fall in love with trigger my imagination. Be patient, be open and the muse will come. (Usually when your plate is full with other obligations. LOL)
Hugs to you Dawn.

Teddee Grace said...

This is quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Karen B. said...

Oh my dear Dawn,
I so know how you feel. I am right there. Lost and that completely and it's not a nice feeling. I have no creativity happening since months now and I hate it. I love your newest creation, it is so you! ... Beautiful!
Sending you many hugs.
Karen B.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am in the mood to create something fun also, since I have to working 5 days a week I can't enjoy all my favorite blogs and keep up with my flowers etc. Oh well so glad to see your newest creation for inspiration also


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