Friday, November 10, 2017

Make something's soothing to the soul!

Creating beautiful things can be such wonderful therapy!

I've made a few pretty things lately and creating always soothes my soul.
A bird's nest assemblage on a tray and I'm making sweet
dried roses test tube ornaments!

Here are a few photos:

And this is the condition of my work table today!
So many different elements but I'm filling glass test tubes with
gorgeous dried roses.

This one is listed in the store...but I'm working on more.
Why does everything look so much more beautiful under glass???

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm doing!
hugs and love,


susan hemann said...

lovely work Dawn!

KimisKanvas said...

THIS is just so delicate and LOVELY ! I love your style more than anyone else's I have ever seen !! Your talent runneth OVER !!


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