Sunday, October 15, 2017

Welcome back sweet muse!

It's funny how our creative muse works (or doesn't!)
Seems mine's been on break for quite awhile but
is slowing returning!

I think it may be the changing of the seasons.
Fall is my very favorite and it always brings creativity!

So, in returning to blogging a little more often,
I thought I'd share a few projects that I've recently finished.

First, I've altered a beautiful bottle that I've had for years.
Yes, years.
It has beautiful lines and I finally decided it was time
to give it a facelift!

I've used wonderful wedding lace and even a piece of the back
of a vintage wedding dress to feature the gorgeous satin buttons.
Of course I had to add my favorite seam binding and
even a vintage rhinestone pin.

The French label is a favorite of mine and suited it perfectly!
The small ruffle under the satin button section is actually
the wrist section from a vintage sheer glove.

Yes, I cut it to pieces. But I only had one and now it looks
so pretty on the neck of the bottle.

It would look beautiful displayed in a bathroom or on someone's dresser.
I've added it to my Etsy store if you'd like to take a peek!!

I also finished a few pressed flower bookmarks!
These have already sold but I plan on making more.
I have a huge phone book FULL of pressed flowers!

I'm sharing the photos below because I simply love drying flowers.
They are beautiful to me alive or as they dry!

And lastly, this girl.
Thelma seems to love my new throw and has claimed it as hers!

Next up?
I'm going to alter a few apothecary jars!
I'll be sure to share as soon as I'm finished ~

Thank you always for visiting me here!!!
hugs and love,


Buttercup said...

Beautiful. Your muse has led you in wonderful directions. So enjoyed seeing your treasures.

susan hemann said...

lovely work Dawn, as usual, I love pressed flowers too

A Joyful Chaos said...

I love your eye for beauty and your creative touch. Pure loveliness!

Autumn also brings out my creative side ... don't know what it is about it, but I'm not complaining. :)



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