Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Total MAJOR Room Makeover!

Well, our littlest one...Noah has moved out!
At almost 19 years old now, he has a full time job
and has moved in with his next oldest brother Chase who's 25 going on 26!

They love their new home and truthfully,
I LOVE IT TOO! It is so very perfect for them both!

So what do I do for mama therapy?
Transform his teeny little bedroom into a guest room!!!

Here are a few before and afters ~

Yes, that is spackling. The boy put so many push pins in the wall!!!!

This is the jacked up bed that I bought for 75.00.
It had so many spaces, cracks and flaws but I think I managed to fill them all!

The photo below is an inspiration photograph!
I love herbarium prints and have tons so I will have a wall filled with them!!!!

Just before assembling the bed!!!

My first herbarium page framed!!! Only 14 more to go!

A beautiful lamb print hanging over the bed.
I will add more goodness to each side of the frame though!!!
I love it all so much already ~

I'll share more soon but have been swamped with so very much lately ~
Thank you always for stopping by!

hugs and love,


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This room is already lovely with what you have done so far. I look forward to seeing it when it is finished.

Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

Katie Mansfield said...

It looks great so far. A great buy on that bed. I can't wait to see the rest.

Luvcreatincards said...

Hi dearest Dawn,
You new guest room is looking lovely, you have such a wonderful eye and talent for choosing and creation items that complement each other so beautifully. I know that your 'mama therapy' project will result in a deliciously gorgeous piece of 'guest room heaven'. What lucky guests.

Cynthia said...

How lovely those prints are, Dawn! The room is going to be beautiful!


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