Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's time my friends...time to LET GO OF THE WONDERFUL!!!'s the deal.
I'm going through my amazing hoard...and listing TONS of stuff!!!
It's really time.
I've not been very creative lately but have SO many wonderful things!
Why not pass my found treasures on to another artist???

This is just a FRACTION of my hoard so stay tuned my precious friends!!!

What else have I been up to?
Hmmmm, let's see.
My precious mother-in-law had a birthday SO
I wanted to make a wonderful gift basket for her!!!
Bedroom shoes to keep her feet cozy,
a fuzzy throw to keep her warm this winter,
hand wash and hand lotion,
yummy smelling soap,
the most wonderful smelling candle,
a coffee mug and since she loves wearing silver,
a container of silver jewelry cleaner!

ALSO...I've been working on some wonderful lavender sachets!
They are for a precious friend of mine that will be a vendor
in the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta!!!
My little handmades will be sold there!!!
Finishing them up this week for her.

And so it goes, this simple life of mine.
Thank you always for taking a peek inside!!!

Wishing you so much goodness and love,



just me... jan said...

Sachet materials look sooo sweet....they're sure to be a hit!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hi Dawn!
I'm pretty jazzed right now - to go visit your Etsy!!
Thanks for sharing~
What a thoughtful gift basket for your MIL! you're a peach : )
I need to remember that lovely idea.
And I hope you will take a few pics of the finished sachets?
Country Living Fair!?!? Sounds SOO wonderful! Enjoy~

Rupa said...

The sachet material looks fabulous! Is it printed on drop cloth or some cotton fabric? Lovely!


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