Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A little something pretty and a new addition to the family!

I recently found these beautiful old images or rather paintings
that I knew you would love!
They each have a wonderful ethereal look to them.

So far we've had a pretty quiet summer around here.
We did have a family reunion last month and I snapped this photo
of our precious grandbabies Clara and Murray!
I just love these angels.

I've made a little bit of handmade soap for a few birthday parties...

And have even been getting back to printing on fabric!
There's definitely a trick to it, getting the paper to feed into the printer correctly
and avoiding paper jams but the results are always worth the work.
I created several lavender sachets for a local French restaurant that has
a sweet shop attached. She really liked them!

I also have a few that are listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to take a peek!
Filled with approximately 1 full cup of fresh lavender buds and adorned with
a little bundle of seam binding and a vintage button of course!

Another little tidbit of news from our farmhouse...
Our pair of diamond doves have a sweet baby!!!
Born just a few days ago.
We will see if it's sibling hatches too,
it was laid a few days after the first.
Neat, huh???

Thank you always for stopping by to see me!
I hope you are doing so very good ~

hugs and love,


BitsAndPieces said...

Dawn, your grandchildren are beautiful. It seems
to me that each year is passing faster and faster.
I enjoy your blog so much. It's always a pleasure to visit.


Anne's Attic - Design said...

Lovely post. I love the pics of the sweet ladies, but your grands outshine them all. Have a lovely week. xx Jo

marda said...

Thanks for the update picture of those sweet grandkids. Your sachets are just perfection. Thanks to for the lovely images.

Nancy said...

Such gorgeous Grandchildren Dawn!! Your talents never cease to amaze me, thanks for sharing them with us!!

Huggs, Nancy

Lace Age Girl said...

Hello Dawn, What beautiful paintings! Your Clara looks a little like the girl holding the bird :) Have a lovely week.

Studio Susanne said...

Hello Dearest Dawn,
Thank you for sharing these charming paintings with us, you are such a kind and generous angel. Clare and Murray are as adorable as ever, it's amazing how quickly time passes, I remember so clearly, the excitement we both felt when you told me of their imminent arrivals. Even more of a gift for you is that they live sooooo close by. You have been such a busy bee making your gorgeous lavender bags, I imagine that they smell as beautiful as they look. Take care keep well and in touch my sweetest Dawn.

Summer said...

Your grandchildren are so cute! How sweet is that little birdy as well♥


Marlynne said...

Oh that precious Momma Dove and her baby! So Precious!

Anonymous said...

The Momma Dove is so beautiful and her baby is precious!


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