Friday, April 15, 2016

A clean, fresh face!!!

That's what this feels like!!!
Like I've washed off tons of make-up and
my face is now fresh and sparkly clean!

I've been wanting to clean this ol' blog up
for SO LONG and I finally did it!

I hope that it loads faster for you all now too.
Please let me know if it does, OK??

I may clean it up even more, we'll see.
But for now I just love it!!!

And in other news....

You have GOT to see what I found at the thrift last week!!!
A 100.00 Rowenta ironing board for only...
wait for it...

Can you believe that?
Then I found the perfect cover on Amazon for just 14.00.
It is rock solid and has a HUGE ironing surface.
It's the simple things that make me happy!!!

And lastly, I have a new hair cut and just thought I'd share it with you!!!
And yes...I'm in my moo moo here...but who cares ~
Having your hair done always makes you feel amazing!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend precious friends!!
hugs and love,


Sharon said...

I like the look of your blog, those are nice pics, and who doesn't love a great bargain!

Daniela said...

Dearest Dawn,
I so love the new 'dress' of your blog, which hasn't changed so much, just has become a little 'lighter' and so and faster to load, as you thought !

May your weekend be blessed with Joy,
sending blessings of love to you


marda said...

I agree, I like your new clean face!!! That was quite the deal on that ironing board. The one I use for actual ironing is probably
well over 50 years old and it's the sturdiest heaviest ironing board out there. My mother passed it on to me years ago, she hated that it was so heavy for her to move around in her sewing room, and it was hard to set up. A little WD40 in the right places took care of that for me. My ironing board in the sewing room is just like yours.. bought it for a deal at Tuesday morning about 13 years ago.
Doesn't getting your hair done just the greatest! Love the look.

Studio Susanne said...

Hello Dearest Dawny,
What a charming new look to you blog, like Daniela said it's not a lot changed but certainly a lighter softer look, I love it.
No wonder you are delighted with your mega bargain ironing board, it looks the real McCoy, super solid and shiny too. Your new hairstyle looks lovely and you look gorgeous with that cheeky 'look at my my hair cut' grin. Thank you for the gorgeous vintage images that you have so kindly shared, do you think the little girl, standing sooo proudly on the chair, is saying look at my hair cut too?.

I hope that you and your lovely family are all well and enjoying life.
Sending you lots of love, hugs and warmest best wishes for today and always.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Your blog looks wonderful Dawn and so do you! Thanks for these sweet images. ~ Abby

AB71 said...

Love the haircut, love the new blog style too. Most of all I appreciate how much it makes you happy! Have a great weekend Dawn.

Unknown said...

I visit your blog regularly for all the loveliness it provides. You both look great! :-)

Roosterhead Designs said...

Adorable hair-do Dawn!! Yes, it always feels great~
I love to visit your blog and it was fast with -0- probs!
Love the images too: ) And you def. got the "deal of the day"
with the ironing board!! Horrayy! Have nice week, Karen O

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, great find. I would be jumping up and down!! Love your hair cut, very flattering with your face shape!! xox Clarice

Pondside said...

The ironing board is a terrific find. A little more ironing surface is always a good thing!
Not sure how I got here, but have just been following comments on some of my favourite blogs.

Vee said...

It does look great here and you're looking especially lovely, too, Dawn. Love the haircut!


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