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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A little tweaking and some goodies!

I ran across this pretty image a few days ago and thought of you ~
maybe you can use it on one of your Valentines!
I share it most every year.
I can't remember where I found it though...

Remember when I planted the fresh ivy plants about a week ago in these two planters?
Well, they started dying one. by. one. So guess what?
I took them straight back to the store. I had my receipt so back they went.
So after I left Lowe's, I headed to Hobby Lobby hoping they had some
realistic looking greenery on sale.
And guess what, they did!!!

This is actually a garland with wonderful, long tendrils hanging down.
It's pretty long too but it was kind of pricey at 39.99 but
at 50% off, 20 bucks is much better!
I love the color and the textural look of it plus
look how great it looks in my planters!!!

I simply used a pair of wire cutters and cut the garland in half then
just swirled it around the base of my twigs, so easy.

It's a teeny little dining room but I love it.

My place mats are too big for my table but I'll trim them down soon.
They're just vinyl but I love that they have a woven basket look.

I've been busy on the computer today too!
I added a few vintage treasures to my Etsy store.
These pretty dessert plates used to hang in our bedroom.
I think they are beautiful as wall art.

Love these. I call them "giving hands".

A crusty vintage padlock...

A sweet pair of child's shoe forms!

Just a few little pretties!!!
I need to dig around here to find more treasures to let go of ~

Thank you so much for stopping to see me ~

Hugs and love,


Roosterhead Designs said...

So inspiring Dawn! I love how you've used the great garland you found. It is bringing warmth and the hope of spring to your sweet dining area! I love your space, and all the nice light that streams in : ) Blessings to you, Karen O

Cynthia said...

Oh, Dawn, that image is so sweet! And I love how someone tinted it with the cherry red lips and soft skin coloring. . .I have two or three of the milk glass hand dishes. Just love them! Happy Valentine's Day/Week/Month!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Very pretty! I love the cloche on the table. It all looks very fresh and inviting. I'm a Hobby Lobby junkie -- especially the 70% off aisle!

Daniela said...

I also love your dining room ... and the dishes you've bought ?!?
The Cupid Image with which you open your post amazes me more and more, thank you for sharing it all !

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my dearest Dawn,
sending dear love and hugs

Miss Arco said...

Wow, love your blog. I see that we share loving old prints, lace, family, et al. PLEASE, when you have time, view all of the beautiful lace that I have for sale on my website . I have 22 pages loaded with new, vintage and antique lace. You might also want to look in RIBBON and BUTTONS. Of course, you could have a lot of fun shopping in JEWELRY. Now have 7 pages full and ready to load at least 5 more pages full of costume new and vintage jewelry! Thanks for sharing your blog. Will mark to follow. Love it! You have a handsome son (maybe you have more than one? You said that he is in highschool. Beautiful blue eyes. Thanks again! Barb and on Facebook....Barb Spencer's Enchanted Attic.


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