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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Beautiful October ~

I love this month!!! It always brings back so many precious memories.
Do you have a time of year that does that for you?
Fall is that time for me.

I dated my precious husband and was engaged in the fall...
I was pregnant with most of my babies in the fall,
just waiting to see their sweet faces!
Plus I've always loved the changing leaves and in Georgia
we have a beautiful show from the trees.

Yes, I know this leads to much colder weather and winter,
but for just a very short, wonderful time we have the gift of fall!

I have to share something quite personal with you.
I've been on a mission to drop a few pounds.
I started June 28th eating low carb, low sugar and healthy!
after just 14 weeks eating this way I have dropped 29 pounds!!!!

I feel so, so much better you just wouldn't believe!
But I still have a ways to go until I reach my goal but it's just such
a wonderful thing to be able to make better choices and control your health!!

Here is a little don't laugh.
The "before" photo a friend had called my name and startled me
so I look like a deer caught in headlights!!!
The "after" photo is from last week...I'm so excited!

And so....I need to get my fanny back into the studio!
I want to create a few single treasure pockets to sell and 
a few other ideas ~

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends!

hugs and love,


Светлана Бранковић said...

Really like post! Just keep on healthy way, there is no happiness without welfare.
Best wishes!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love fall, although we don't really get it like you all do further north.

Congrats on your weight loss you look great. You've inspired me to lose some myself. Thank you ~ FlowerLady

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

You look great Dawn. Congrats on sticking to your plan, even though there are times when it must be really hard. Low carb diets are the way to go! Happy fall. Hugs, Sue

Karen B. said...

My sweet Dawn, ...

Wow wow wow!! You look amazing girl! You have lost so much weight! You have got to share your secret or havve you already?

Many hugs and much love,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Elyse said...

hi dawn,

i love october, too. and way to go on the weight loss!!! i keep trying to do low-carb and am so easily derailed! glad it is working for you!

happy fall wishes


chris said...

Well done Dawn, you look amazing, I have just started the same low carb diet and hope I do as well as you, good luck reaching your goal.
Chris xoxo

susan hemann said...

Dawn amazing results!! Keep up the good work!! I have a lot to loose.

Nancy Hood said...

Looking good, girlfriend!! I had gained up to 203 by January 2013. Didn't feel good about myself anymore and it showed. Eating ice cream and pastries. Chips. BUT a dear friend told me of the eating healthy via Metabolism Miracle guidelines and our Jenny introduced us to doTerra Essential oils. Within three months, I'd lost 35 pounds and felt so much better! It was a great year that saw a slower loss of weight and increased energy.
And then Johnny felt he'd been told we needed to move back to Prattville. I dug in with both feet. And when that didn't work, I cried. And cried. Prayed to God that only His will be done because I did NOT want to give up what we'd found in Gulf Shores. Crying as the sign went up in the yard and staring in disbelief nine days later when SOLD was put on it, bringing in asking price and more money than we thought possible - which was good, because God saw health issues and vehicle problems down the road (I am so grateful for Abba Father!!)

Moving back, I began to return to an unhealthy way of eating. Not gaining nearly as much as I had but enough to let me know I could do better. So, like you, Johnny and I are back on track with eating healthier and walking once or twice a day on the track behind our subdivision.

Here's to us!!! Better health and feeling energetic. We have grandbabies to play with :)
love and hugs,

Claudia said...

You look amazing!

Dori said...

Dawn, you are looking amazing and you are an inspiration!

pballard said...

So pretty. You look great. Just goes to show us all if we put our minds to something and be patient it can work. Thanks for the inspiration..

Tracy said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. Those cooler temperatures just make me such a different person.
Look at YOU! Fantastic job! I, too, jumped on the low carb "No More Fast Food" last year via Metabolism Miracle plan and it has been the o-n-l-y time in my life I've successfully lost weight and felt amazing. I lost 22 pounds in 2½ months and could not believe I didn't have to exercise my fanny off. I swear I'm allergic to my own sweat Ü
Thank you for such a wonderful blog! Always full of beautiful posts and such great content. Keep up the fantastic work!

pat in NY said...

Dawn, you look amazing! Good for you. Hugs, Pat.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Well. I normally do not like fall. Mainly because I hate winter and fall reminds me that winter is coming. But I've been convicted about my complaining and bad attitude so I am embracing fall this year. I am trying to find the beauty and be grateful for the season. I went crazy with fall decorations and got out my winter clothing with a smile and did a whole menu this week of fall soups! BUT I am still a Summer Girl. That will always be my favorite season 😊

Lady Pamela said...

Wow, you look fabulous. I have started doing the same thing. I have added walking to the list. I have a goal to sail to Alaska for my 40th anniversary, and be able to do the hikes once we get there. Thank you so much for sharing.
It is an encouragement.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

You look wonderful and the fact you feel better makes all the healthier choices easier to do.
That little grandson of yours will have the foxiest Gramma in town.
I love October too. I wonder if it has anything to do with our shared birth dates.

Shabby Sheshe said...

Go Dawn! You look great!!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Congratulations Miz Dawn! Good for you, you look wonderful, and I am sure you feel better.

Margie McAlinden said...

My favorite season hands down! Both of my kids were born in October!
You look fabulous Dawn- you're adorable! Keep up the good work!!
Hugs- Margie

Marlynne said...

A Big congratulations on that weight loss! I need to do the same thing and I know its hard!

jeanniemc said...

Beautiful & talented lady...congratulations!

marie said...

You look wonderful Dawn!!

Vee said...

You are so beautiful, Dawn! Before and after! The look of joy on your face in your most recent photo says it all. I am so glad that you are feeling better. I need to follow your excellent example. All the best in the New Year with your eating plan.


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