Monday, September 7, 2015

Beautiful fall ~

So, here's the thing.
I've never...EVER...had a guest post on my blog.
I've had requests but declined them all.
Who will I have as my first guest post?
My precious daughter-in-law Emily!
Our oldest son, Brent's wife Emily, is such a talented writer
I invited her to write a guest post for my blog!!!

I love fall, Emily loves fall as well ~
Thank you so much sweet girl!

It's coming. As of September 23, it is coming. What is coming? What could be coming that would be so worthy of a blog post? I will tell you what, fall! Here in the south we get excited about fall or autumn if you prefer. Our summers are long, hot and humid. By August, they feel never ending. And sometimes they are. Sometimes it can stay hot here until October. We southerners are so desperate for fall because the air is thick and suffocating, and because being covered in a shower of sweat every time we walk out the door is well, exhausting. We literally crave all things fall.

So when the first leaves fall, even if it may be from the lack of rain, we get excited. We start to break out or fall decorations and our fall wreaths as a sort of ritual that we hope will bring autumn roaring around the corner. We start gracing our mantels with fall candles that fill our homes with the scent of pumpkin and spices, apples and cinnamon, and my favorite toasted marshmallows. We longingly and lovingly stroke our scarves and thick knitted sweaters hanging in our closets. We start to bake apple pies, and cook creamy soups and thick stews. We delight in the fact that football season has started. Our hunters get geared up for hunting season.

Then, then it happens. It usually happens so suddenly we don't even notice. One morning we wake up, walk outside, and we are shocked by the crisp coolness in the air. Fall has arrived. The summer heat has dissipated, and the newness of fall has begun. The leaves have finally turned their brilliant colors of red, yellow, orange and brown. The breeze that blows through the trees has a chill that runs through it. The sun shines brilliantly, and the air is clear and clean. The ground smells of wet leaves and damp moss. We can finally go outside without sweat beading on our foreheads. Our days and nights are cool enough to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in.

Although fall may welcome in the coming of winter, it is a newness and freshness that we as southerners so desperately crave because of our long, scorching summers. Autumn passes quickly for us, and we cherish every second of it. It cools our bodies and our minds and makes us kinder. We look forward to it, and when it finally arrives the heat monster of summer is lifted from our shoulders, and we can relax. The changes of the seasons gives us perspective throughout the year. Just when we think that summer or winter may stay forever, we see the first falling leaves of fall, or the first budding trees of spring. We realize that even though we may not see it, it is in fact happening, and we can and should believe in it. Fall is coming, autumn is coming. So hold tight to that fact, light your pumpkin candles, drink a hot cuppa, prop your feet up, and look forward to welcoming in the season!

Wonderful, right?
Here is my sweet daughter-in-laws blog!
She's such a wonderful writer!!!

I love you so sweet Emily!
What a beautiful post ~
thank you so very much!!!

hugs and love to my sweet friends as well,
xxoo, Dawn


susan hemann said...

so lovely Dawn!! I am so glad you shared her writing!!

Mary W said...

I wolk my dog each evening and know exactly what you are talking about. It does happen suddenly. I can be drenched in sweat at noon and then come evening I feel the change - the cool - fall. Just like Mary Poppins said "There is a change in the air." Great post.

Lisa said...

I loved the way you described it all Emily! I could practically smell the wet leaves while I was reading. The sign of fall arriving for me is when the clocks go back and it gets dark around five. That's when I break out my Halloween decorations and start counting the days till Christmas:) you're truly gifted writer and I will be watching your blog for more. Lisa

Daniela said...

What a lovely post, Emily, thank you for sharing it here, dearest Dawn, and to introduce her in this way !

Be blessed you both

Roosterhead Designs said...

This was lovely!
I enjoyed it very much Dawn.
(Even though I am not ready;
there is really nothing I can say
except come on Autumn: ) She will do
as she pleases~ *sigh*
Thank you for the beautiful story~
Karen in CO


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