Monday, June 22, 2015

A trip to paradise!

Well, it's officially summer now and
we just returned from the most WONDERFUL vacation!

It had been over six years since we last went on a vacation and
when my husband's sister invited us to go to Florida with them,
we jumped at the chance!!! It ended up being my husband's parents,
his sister, his brother and their spouses plus the two of us.

We all have so much fun together and truly enjoy each other's company.
I took a few photos to share with you ~

The name of the resort is Sanctuary by The Sea.
We stayed in a three bedroom luxury condominium
with a giant balcony overlooking the gulf.
The location is Santa Rosa Beach, Florida....

The entrance ~

A peek at the pools from our balcony ~

Another giant pool with a waterfall and hot tub ~

Our view out onto the balcony ~ The resort is surrounded by a nature habitat
and you can watch birds and animals while relaxing outside!

The beautiful living room ~

And here are a few photos of the beach!!!

Sunset through the trees ~

We had the most wonderful, relaxing time ~
I wanted to share a glimpse of this beautiful place.

Now to get back to creating!!!
I hope you are doing so very good and
thank you always, always for stopping by to visit me here!

hugs and love,


Nita Jo said...

What a beautiful place! We are overdue for a vacation as well. Hoping to get over to the Oregon Coast. Next best thing, enjoying your photos of the beach!

Michele said...

Oh, Dawn - your vacation spot looks heavenly!

I am so glad you enjoyed yourself with your family.

I hope you have the opportunity to do this again before too long - the years fly by.

jeanniemc said...

Going to add this to my list of trips...Everything was beautiful..glad you had a great time!

Barb, from Texas said...

Dawn, I'd like to subscribe to RUSTIC VINTAGE, but couldn't figure out how. I clicked on her 'contact me email' but since I don't have Microsoft, I couldn't get thru. Can you help me? Does she have a place where I can have it sent to my email? Thanks!

Barb, from Texas said...

It's me again....I can't find the picture of HENNY PENNY that was on your blog earlier. I know that I clicked on "you may like this", and there was a precious pix of a chubby chicken. Where did it go? How do I track it down? Help! Thanks AGAIN

Theresa said...

Beautiful:) We were in Panama City Beach last week! Gorgeous weather! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Drew Watts said...

Oh wow, these are just heart throbbing pictures. All the places you visited during this trip are so adorable. I wish I could also visit all these places. Anyway, I am going to NYC on the office trip. We also need to collect some company holiday party ideas that we have to suggest to our boss. I wonder if you could help by suggesting some ideas!!


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