Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just playing around ~

I'm about to start working on a few more treasure organizer orders
but took the weekend off and have been playing around with some
of my new Waverly Chalk Paint!

You'd think I was their spokesperson but I promise, I'm not.
I just love that it's cheap, right here in town
and that there are beautiful shades to choose from.

I found these sweet baby shoes at the thrift last week and thought they would be PERFECT
to experiment with using the new Waverly chalk paint I found at wallyworld!
I mixed half of the "ballet slipper" shade with half of the "plaster" shade to come up with
a beautiful pink to paint them with. dried like VELVET!
I just love the finish!! I need to give them a coat of matte varnish but think
the pink is just beautiful. These will end up being pincushions.
I'm sure I have some sweet little roses fabric to fill them with!

I also found these chubby little resin birds at the thrift last week.
The colors were too loud for me so I thought I try the chalk paint on them as well.

Here they are after one coat of the shade "plaster"....I haven't decided if I'll antique them or not, we'll see.

Here's one of the finishing coats they offer...I love a matte finish so it's the first one I purchased. every time I visit Walmart I go by the display to see if there's another shade I like!
Here's my latest purchase..."crystal" I love the beautiful pale blue-gray shade!!

Our precious granddaughter Clara went fishing with her daddy this past Saturday
and caught FOUR fish!!! She was so proud and she even told me that she now
has a fisherman's thumb! When you take the fish off the hook and your thumb comes
in contact with the fish teeth I guess your thumb gets tough??? Sweet, sweet girl ~

And I wanted to share a photo of our sweet grandson Murray.
I watched him last week when his mama and Clara went to the library.
Here he is watching trains from our front porch...he LOVES them!!!
We are only about 500 feet from the tracks so he was in heaven ~

Wishing you a beautiful spring week dear friends!!!
Thank you always, always for visiting me ~

hugs and love,


Unknown said...

Dawn--In what section of WM did you find your chalk paint? Perhaps my store is too small. I'll keep looking.

Deb Plapp said...

That paint looks wonderful. I'll have to check to see if our Walmart carries it. Clara and Murray are just adorable. They're getting so big. Take care Dawn, and keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Hi, Your area must be a test market for this paint...a Google search has turned up nothing with Plaid or Waverly...guess we have to see if it makes it to a wider market. Adorable grandchildren, isn't the best thing to be a Nana!

Ruffles and Roses said...

thanks for sharing I have to see if cape cod is up to par with this paint....I also saw a blog with krylon chalk paint..NOT chalkboard ! the type annie sloan uses but not her brand but I cant find it yet....
love the shoes, birds and that new crystal color !

what beautiful grandchildren ......!

sandy said...

First I have to say what beautiful grandchildren you have! ;)
And I love the way your treasures turned out with your paint. I have not heard of this before. Guess I better check it out!

Vee said...

Oh my goodness! Those grands are growing...such beautiful children. I imagine that Murray loves Thomas and all his pals, too. What a good fishing buddy Clara's dad has in her.

Waverly at Wal*Mart? I was about to purchase some little birds yesterday that look a lot like yours from the flea market. I will be on the look out for this chalk paint at a more reasonable price and available in my corner. The nearest dealer in the other brand is 40 miles away.

Hope that you've had a good week. Enjoy a blessed weekend.


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