Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodness.....just pure goodness!

Dear friends...I just received my fresh-off-the-press copy
of Better Homes & Gardens HOLIDAY CRAFTS!!!!
My sweet snowmen are featured inside so I had to share the
little photo with's not a big ol' feature but I'm so honored
that they contacted me
and had me create these little guys just for this issue!
It should be on news stands August 1st and there are so many
wonderful holiday decorating will love it!!!!
All perfect for Halloween AND Christmas!

Don't faint but I even made something this weekend!
A small partial beeswax collage using the most beautiful image ever...

By-the-way...did you know you could braid crinkled seam binding???
I'm such a seam binding freak anyway...I still need to take pics of the color cards
that I received last week! If you love using it, the color cards are SO worth the money!!!!

A dear friend of mine wanted this collage the minute I posted it so....I am so grateful!

I DID list a few gorgeous needlepoint pieces that I have
had (HOARDED) for a long time....
I just haven't done anything with them so maybe someone else will?

The sweetest part of my weekend???
This little angel....
she even ASKED me to take her picture!!!
Little ham....
She was making all these funny faces and I said,
just smile, sweetie....

We went out on the front porch together to water my big ol' ferns
and of course, she got her clothes wet!!! This baby LOVES water!
So I tossed her outfit in the dryer and let her wear a soft tie-dye t-shirt of Noah's,
well....she LOVED IT! And didn't want to take it off till she left!

Look at the precious photo I FINALLY got of our baby Clara....
she's not such a baby any more you know.
She's waiting on her little baby brother Murray to arrive
around September 9th!!!!
My goodness, how the time flies.....

Wishing you a beautiful Monday my dear friends,

hugs and love,


Karen said...

Congratulations Dawn on your wonderful snowmen being featured! I love those little guys. I'll be sure to get a copy when the magazine comes out. The collage is beautiful and so is Clara.

Ellen said...

Yes Dawn, time flies..... she is so cute, I love her! Your creations are so AWESOME, I love them. I've visit the Zipperstop last week, amazing!

Hugs and have a nice day,

marda said...

Clara is such a little doll.. the collage is beautiful. Will you share with us how you made it. I FINALLY got a wax melter after waiting many months to get one. Everyone was sold many wanted to get one after your first posting using it???? So far it's still in the box... chicken me!!!!
This piece is beautiful.. not surprised someone wanted it right away. NEVER thought of braiding the seam binding but what a great hanger it makes. Just ordered some more from zipperstop. That puts me to about 40!!!! rolls of it.

Lululiz said...

My goodness, Clara is looking so much bigger in those lovely photographs, what a lovely young lady, definitely not a baby anymore! I adore that last photo with that very mischievous smile of hers.
Congratulations on having your snowmen featured in the magazine, that is great news. Aah, and that wonderful collage, no wonder it got snapped up straight away, it is so beautiful.

Susan said...

Dawn how wonderful your snowmen were featured in the Better Homes and Garden craft magazine! How awesome is that? Your collage is gorgeous!! You did some wonderful needlework pieces.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, she'll always be YOUR baby, Dawn! : ) Beautiful collage ~ I love the braided seam binding. Congratulations on your snowman heads being in BH&G. Another magazine I have to look for now! What a cute idea to put some in a bowl together. I'd like to give something like them a try {I love snowmen}!

Vee said...

The ham stage is fun, but not so good for getting a great shot. I ask my grands to smile and they say, "CHEESE." Oh dear. Candid shots are best just now.

Murray...sweet name. Bet everyone is excited for September! Bet Clara is excited for a little brother to love.

Your work, as always, is charming and lovely. It's great to have a piece sold before it's even finished. Congrats on the snowmen appearing in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts. I'll look for it!

NanaDiana said...

Congratulations, Dawn. Good for you- I will have to watch for my copy now. Your little Clara is just absolutely gorgeous. Look at that precious face and smile. What a blessing she is- and soon you will have another baby boy to love on! xo Diana

Erica said...

Congrats on the publication! Can't wait to see it!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hello Friend, seems like forever since I visited.... Congrats on the BH&G feature, those are the sweetest little snowmen, I know there will be tons of people getting their hands dirty with Paper clay, make bowls full for Christmas~ I have been so busy with starting the new business with my daughter Mandy, that I hardly have time to blog anymore, so I am happy I was able to hop on this morning to say Hi, Jenny just left last Thursday, she & all 6 kids were up here in Michigan for 3 weeks, Jen managed to take back a ton of treasures she found up here, not sure how she gets everything in, but it was enough stuff to fill a room~ still hoping to be down for Country Living Fair in October, hope to see you there..... Have a Blessed & Beautiful week~ xox

Primitive Seasons said...

Oh Dawn, that dear child is just the picture of sweetness and goodness. Don't you wish they could just stay that way forever. She has beautiful coloring and hair....a true angel, like you always say. You lucky duck Grandma!


LBP said...

Congratulations on being published! That is one of my favorite craft magazines and I look forward to it each year!

Createology said...

Congratulations Dawn and I will watch for this issue. Clara is adorable. Your latest creation is blissful. Wonderful week to you dear...

Dorthe said...

My dear Dawn,
Big congratulations to you,what a wonderful thing,to be asked to do,-and the feature looks so beautiful.
That goes for your dear Clara also, she is so lovely and sweet in that t-shirt sweetie.
Your collage is stunning, love it so, and it`s cream and little golden tones, so sweet with the tiny buckle.
Here it is almost bed time, so I will tell you good-night my lovely friend.
Love and hugs, Dorthe, xxx

Theresa said...

Congrats on being published! CUTE little snowpeople:) Can't wait to get MY copy!

Beautiful beeswax collage creation! Love the braiding of the seam binding:)

AND sweet, sweet Clara! She is growing up way too fast! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

art by wendy said...

Hi Dawn! your work is just amazing!I have to ask... how do you use the bees wax? I have lots of bees wax and no idea on how to use it in crafts..could you give me a few ideas on your technique? :O)

Elderberry Dreams said...

Congratulations, and I just LOVE the collage! OMGoodness. It is so beautiful/ Clara is certainly getting to be a nice young ladt, and is going to be a great big sister. Thank you for always being such a nice place to visit.

Shopgirl said...

i love your little snowmen,congratulations on getting published.
Clara is growing up so fast, and so beautiful. Because of our time here in Blogland, she has become apart of this special sharing place. I remember when she was born. WoW, time does fly!!! Have a great Tuesday Dear Dawn, your Mary

Barbara Jean said...

Clara is sooo adorably cute!!!

Love the picture you made. what a wonderfully beautiful photo and love the wax over the top. I really should try that one of these days.


Ellen said...

Stunningly beautiful artwork and adorable snowmen. Thank you for sharing.

Jamie said...

Can't wait to get a copy of the BH&G publication - love the snowmen! And Clara is such a grown up girl! I think she looks like her gramma! Jamie V in MT

Pat C. said...

*eek* So much to comment on today!

Your snowmen are adorable; their chubby cheeks are too cute! And HUGE congratulations on your inclusion in BH&G! What a coup... I am so happy for you.

Your collage is breathtaking; I'm so happy that it has already gone to a good home.: )

Little Clara is just about as sweet as she can be! What an adorable little girl--I bet she's going to be a wonderful big sister.


Lily's Lace said...

You've done it girl, you have crossed over into big time publications! Better Homes...holy crap!! I bet they feature you in the big magazine any day now! I also love the snowmen and the wax image, it's beautiful!

And Clara, I just love that name. I know you'll have her sewing and crafting in no time. Think of how many of us learned from our grandmothers!! I bet you are the best grandmother on the planet!~xoxoxo-cindy

Cindy said...

The waxed collage is absolutely beautiful, I have never worked with wax before, if you ever get time could you just give us a little info on how you used it on this collage. I have emailed you before, you are my FAVORITE blog, the stuff you make is WONDERFUL. You are very gifted.



Annette said...

congratulations on being published with those precious snowmen. What an honor and the collage piece, wow I would love that one. Beautiful. xoxox

Lisa said...

I know your the only one who will see my comment but I had to leave it. This art is absolutly beautiful! I can see why Rose bought it. It makes me want to make something. And Clara looks like a little angel.


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