Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good stuff to share!

So....my other boxes arrived from Texas!
I had to ship back my remaining kits and a few more treasures I found ~
One held this little angel.
I couldn't resist her!
For ten bucks, she needed to be loved....
so I've already found her a sweet dress and she's standing guard now
in The Feathered Nest studio!!

And I've received a bit of mail love I would love to share with you ~
This parcel arrived from the great state of KANSAS!
Beth and Karla sent me a few treasures that I just adore...

And can I just take a moment to tell you how absolutely wonderful it was
to meet these two precious girls!!
They are just as amazing as you would imagine them to be ~
Fun, creative and oh-so-real and down-to-earth.....just what I love!
Here's their goodies to me, all bundled up:

Beth told me about this mold she had and thought it would make a great soap!

Look at Karla's bundle...it's wrapped in more gifts!

Gorgeous goodies from Beth!

Karla sent me frozen Charlottes! I've never even owned one ~ they are beautiful to me...
maybe I should use them in some artwork? Ummm, we'll see :)

She knew I loved tiny white millinery too...

Just look at the gorgeous linens Beth gifted me!!!
Perfect corners for my needle books....just beautiful ~

And teeny, tiny buttons, another weakness of mine ~
and look at Beth's handmade tags...I love it all!

Here you go Beth!!!
My son, Brent, made a soap from the mold ~
What do you think?
Kinda Kewpie-ish?????
Maybe sweet for a baby shower?
You tell me :)
I gotta tell you, I'm loving that belly!

PLUS...I won a giveaway from Abby of Little Birdie Blessings ~
A beautiful book about sewing with vintage linens ~ it's wonderful!
Thank you so much sweet Abby, now I need to get busy, don't I??!

My dear friend Marie of Spun by Me had a giveaway for this issue of Romantic Homes!
And  I won!
Thank you so much Marie, I love it!!!

And here's the last bit of treasures I found in Texas ~
A gorgeous old hat, an teeny brown bottle,
a great drawer pull and an old rusty cork screw!

My sweet girl says, thanks for stopping by today to see all the good stuff!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

I LOVE LOVE your new bay doll.
She is so perfect.

And so many great treasures from friends, and winnings.
barbara jean

Gail said...

I love that new cupid soap! It's a winner, along with everything else you found...I'm so glad you had a successful trip.
We're on Spring break here and surprising our dd by having a family bowling excursion tomorrow for a surprise......it's the little things, right?
I do hope the rest of your week is glorious!

Marti McClure said...

What a lovely post! So many wonderful things I don't know where to start! I really adore that little mold. I have never seen anything like that before. And the soap works so well in it! Your doll is beautiful as well. Happy Spring! ~Marti

Dorthe said...

Oh my dearest Dawn, you truly found good stuff, the baby is so beautiful in her new old dress,and all the wonderful goodies from dear Beth and Karla- I love the new baby soap-what a cute mold for that. Your book is with the most cosy patterns, and the mag. from Marie looks to be filled with beauty, too.
Thankyou precious friend for your welcome bach comment, you made me feel loved, and that is the most beautiful gift,-thankyou Dawn.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

whyte said...

I can't think of a better new home for that precious baby doll than with you! Your treasures are delightful, it feels like Christmas at your place....the lovies from Karla and Beth...gorgeous. Don't you love it when the packaging is as exciting as the gift?!! A good week, I'd say!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Dawn, I just adore that dolly.....only $10???? I so wish I could make it to that Texas show, I just know there's lovelies waiting for me to choose them. You are most fortunate in all the goodies you've received......what a blessing! Thank you for sharing your bounty!

Big Hugs,

Susan said...

Oh your doll is precious!

Rika said...

What a wonderful post, your doll is lovely!

Diane said...

Love that soap baby. It sort of looks like one of the frozen Charlottes.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh my such goodness! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Dawn how amazingly lucky are you??? The sweet gifts from your friends are so precious, especially that adorable mold! And then you win the book on sewing with vintage...wow! I would say you had a virtually perfect week!
Wishing you more fun-filled days!
Tina xo

Beth Leintz said...

Oh my gosh- that mold is so much better for making soap than making zombie paper clay babies! The soap is so cute....and so is your baby doll.

Oh my, when I looked at your picture of the mold, the first thing I saw was hair from my dog Buddy- I swear, nothing leaves my house without a little bit of Buddy on it.

Miss you- think about coming to Kansas sometime?

LBP said...

What a lot of eye candy here! That baby mold is just adorable! I have got to find one of them! I am so glad you rescued the little doll, I am a doll rescuer myself!



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love this post, Dawn! Seeing all your treasures both what you bought and your gifts. You got some lovely things. I love that little dress on your doll. I have two bunnies that need new dresses {their current attire is way too 90's with peach and sage green}. I was thinking of getting baby dresses for them. I'll have to keep my eye out when I'm at the antique marts.

Elderberry Dreams said...

I love it all! What pretty packages, and I LOVE that soap mold!! Can I say LOVE too much??? Have a wonderful day!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That baby doll soap is even cuter than I thought it would be! When we made something, it looked like a zombie, your soapy girl is just adorable. I'm glad to see what you've done with her. And can't wait to see your Charlotte creations. I just love using those, and buy them by the hundreds to work with and stock in my shop. Let me know if you need some more when you are done with these!

Simply Shelley said...

A wonderful post...so crock full of wonderful things....I love your sweet baby doll...she looks very much like one I have. Blessings to you Dawn and Happy Spring :)

Primitive Seasons said...

Dawn, I'm practically in tears. I had a dolly just like that and she was packed away on our last move. When I opened those trunks several years later, she had all but disintegrated and had to be thrown away. How lucky you are! And such an adorable dress, Enjoy all your treasures.


Maureen said...

Wow! What a treasure trove! Love the drawer pull... and those tags; I shall have to try that - making tags from vintage papers. Love the look! Lucky lady!

Vee said...

Wow! What a lot of loot! I had no idea that we would both be discussing Little Birdie Blessings today. Great resource for vintage images!

Lily's Lace said...

WOW, I'm going to start playing the lottery with you! You're always a winner! (in many ways). I love your doll baby, and only $10, what a deal! I'm so glad you had fun while you were here, maybe you'll come back?? Oh and the soap mold, how cool is that! It kind of does look like a frozen charlottee, I can see those wheels of yours spinning!! And, getting those linens juat in time to go with the book, girl, you're set! Miss your sweet face. xoxo-cindy

art by wendy said...

so much neat stuff!Sounds like you are going to have fun creating soon!:O)

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Oh my I bet you were in just aww receiving this I love everything and would have sat for an hr or longer just enjoying each and everything thing they sent you are a lucky gal to have treasured friendship like this

Deb Plapp said...

Dawn, I love your doll. I have one very similar that I've had since I was little. I bought her with money my Grandpa gave me. Her name is Diana, and I still love her. I love all your treasures you found and won!

Cynthia and Co. said...

Such a lovely post. You are blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Well my oh my Dawn, I'd say you were having a downright good and bountiful week. Congratulations on all your goodies and treasures. I bet you had THE best time opening those fun packages. Love the way the soap came out. Glad you liked the sewing book, no pressure from me to get busy with it, it will be there when the inspiration strikes. Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us. ~ Abby

Vicki Boster said...

Dawn- I hardly know where to start- there is so much here to admire! First- I want to say that I'm SO happy for your great success at the Paper Cowgirls meeting. I know that everyone loved being in your class! ( I'm secretly jealous!)

You brought back treasures--- and your gifts are wonderful as well! The porcelain doll is beautiful- she is the perfect compliment to your home studio. And the little mold is perfection. I think little soaps made from this would be precious.

I'm sure you are welcoming spring to your beautiful farm. Hope to see photos--


Ps- I think of you often and remain always grateful for all the help and support you've given to me!


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