Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting the mojo back with a teeny tutorial ~

Yesterday I woke up and headed straight to the studio....
mostly to work on a couple of orders I had.
I cleaned up a little
(that always gets me in a creative mood)
and ended up making something sweet
that I want to share with you :)

But, first I have to show you this gorgeous graphic from my sweet friend
Karen of The Graphics Fairy!
She featured this wonderful label today
and I just have to share it with you
because I know you'll love it....
visit her blog to download the largest size too!
PLUS she features it in reverse for transfers.

A few weeks back I found this sweet little package of sepia colored beads on clearance!
I loved the colors, loved the beads (great for custom pins you know)
and thought the packaging was so wonderful!

Well, after taking out the tiny bottles, I kept staring at the package.
It looked like a teeny, tiny theatre to me!

So, in my nutty, creative state I thought, what can I make of this????
I begin to deconstruct the package.
Gently slipping open the glued side
to see what it opens up to be.

Then I removed the clear acetate type window that was in the front.
Yes, I could have used it but I don't like the glare, you know?

Using my exact-o knife I also removed the tabbed part that they use to hang
this item in the craft stores.....

I tossed it into an old box and sprayed the front liberally with Elmer's spray adhesive....
Then pressed it down onto the BACK of some scrapbooking paper that I loved ~
remember it's face down onto the back.

THIS is the FRONT of the scrapbooking paper, pretty...don't you think?

Using my exact-o knife, I used the package as my guide and trimmed out each and every edge.

After I finished and flipped it over...a new, prettier package!!
I even used a make-up sponge lightly pressed in brown ink
to rub around the edges of the pretty opening.

I wanted to use older papers you know...maybe sheet music or dictionary pages,
but they don't have the strength that scrapbooking paper has.
ANYWAY....start folding the package back into it's form a box again!
You have to burnish well on each and every crease.

Can you see below the seam that was originally glued?
I'm not going to glue it back quite yet :)

After folding the little package all back together, what do you think?
It really is so tiny, you know. It measures about 2 3/4" wide by about 2 1/2" tall ~
But don't you think it looks like a small theatre of sorts????

Now to decide what to place inside!
Hopefully now you will always look at packaging as....

And I also finished my special orders!
Here they are...a few pincushions and a pin keep too ~

Creativity is always bubbling....just below the surface around here ~
who knows when it will show up!!!

Make something beautiful precious friends and thank you so much for visiting me!
Have a wonderful Friday,
hugs and love,


Sonya Badgley said...

Hello sweet Dawn,
Can you see one of those little ballerinas inside that little box? I can! ;) So cute!
Love the pincushions and pinkeep-darling.
Keep the creativity bubbling!
Love and hugs,

Kathy said...

I always love to see something creatively re-used. Beautiful, as are the pincushions. Well done!

Barbara Jean said...

love it love it love it!! so tiny.
one of my tiny nests would fit.... =)


marda said...

What a great idea.. if only I had thought of that.. I had a box last year similar to that and thought there should be somehting I could do with it..just don't have YOUR creative genius!!!!
Love those pin cushions. Another greast use for them, I use one to put stud earrings into. Not sure what mine was stuffed with, feels fairly firm, but it works great for all those little earrings. Guess you got your groove back.

Dorthe said...

Dawn sweetie, you are just fantastic, what a thought-and then you just went ahead doing it,- I can`t wait to see what is going into this new so beautiful little theatre box.I love the paper you used for it.
And there is someone being very happy to recieve those lovely ordered items. I so love the heavy fabric`s you used for the pincussions-and the old quilt piece for the pinkeep.
Precious friend, I`m happy you are back creating again, and wish you more creative hours today.
Love and hugs

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I've done that, Dawn; kept the packaging that something came in. Sometimes it is just because of the shape of a backing piece of cardboard that I like. Even if I don't have any idea at that moment what to do with it, I keep it. Your pincushions look great! I love that crochet piece of on top.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness Dawn those are all beautiful!! I love your little pincushions!!

art by wendy said...

what a great idea!!!! I am going to look at packaging differently now! :O)

Vee said...

Wow. Your mind bends in the most creative of ways. That is really fantastic. Can't wait to see how you finish the theater.

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

I've seen those sets of beads at Hobby Lobby a few times and the packaging always stops me in my tracks. I just can't justify the price though so I never have bought any, now that I've seen the packaging in a new light I'm going to have keep an eye on those when they go clearance. LOL. I'm so cheap. Thanks for the tut! Hope you are doing well.

Jann said...

Dawn, you are just so amazing--what a fantastic idea, and thank you so much for sharing your "discovery" and your tutorial! Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!

Jamie said...

Dawn - you are amazing! What a wonderfully creative use of packaging! I love it! Jamie V in MT

Maggie said...

heck, i get excited about a pretty kleenex box and can't bear to throw it away when empty, so i can TOTALLY relate to you little box love! Thanks for's so pretty and will be fun to fill with something precious peeking through the opening.


Cyn said...

oh Dawn I am so glad I am not the only one who sees things as other things..LOL

Elderberry Dreams said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this!! I thought of you using your TINY doll shoes right away.
:-) Have a great night!

Sherly said...

cleaver !

Rustique Gal said...

Dawn, How sweet it is! I have been saving little boxes with windows too, now I know how to cover them. You have got me crafting again after a dry period! I'm loving those pincushions!!! Great ideas for my future craft shows. The brain is tickled!

Romeo said...

How wonderful! I have not seen that box of beads - must get out more lol But yes, yes! It DOES look like a little theatre - can't wait to see it done with your final touches! Sure to be magnificent!!

And the pin cushions and pin keep? Well they are swoon worthy and someone is going to be VERY happy to get those!

Thanks for sharing your box love - great spring board for a few boxes that I've saved waiting for inspiration!


"Her" and Romeo

Lily's Lace said...

What a great idea, of course it came from you! Once again you've come up with another clever something from nothing! The pin cushions are adorable and so is the fabric book! Wonderful as always!! xox-cindy

decorator to the stars said...


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I loved that you took a box and made it into a beautiful package. Can't wait to see what you make with it!


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