Monday, December 19, 2011

Precious Christmas memories.....

As a child, Christmas was magical to me....
I remember the anticipation and excitement so vividly!
Just putting the tree up was the best thing EVER!!!

My parents would put on our Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Ray Coniff with his singers and
Johnny Mathis Christmas albums and I was transported to a whole different world.
And these were played on an old record player,
you know, the kind with the needle and turntable?

One beautiful memory I have is,
after the tree was decorated...
lights, ornaments and everything,
I would lie underneath the tree and just look up.
It was so beautiful....
At that moment, the magic of Christmas began for me ~

I found this precious photo of Clara when she was just a little baby...looking at the lights ~
She is absolutely LOVING Christmas this year!!!
Now, being two and a half, she is totally into Santa and all of the gifts ~
and she's also realizing that a little elf is watching her behavior and reporting to Santa!

We finally finished our Christmas shopping ~ a blessing and such an accomplishment!
Now to get the gifts packaged, bagged and wrapped :)
Sweet Noah had wrapped everything so far, I guess it's my turn now!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

My dear Dawn, that photo is the most sweet ever- how cute Clara looks.
I ,too have fond memmories of christmasses past, and like you I will do my best to also give my Mathilde and Gustav precious memories from their childhood christmasses. Mathilde is still believing in elves and santa- bu tGustav being 11- have stopped ,and that is the beginning to the adult life without the magic,being real magic :)
Dear Dawn I wish you happy hours with packing and preparing- and send you love and hugs.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Merry Christmas Dawn! I rarely visit blogs anymore, I am on flickr these days, I was glad to see you are there too.
God Bless!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My memories are exactly like yours! We must be very close in age. I too, would always lay underneath the tree and be mesmorized by it's beauty!~Patti

kathy said...

Dawn , such a sweet pic of Clara -- time goes too fast -- Things will speed up for the rest of the week -- so ""Merry Christmas sweet friend to you and family "" KAthy - ga ♥

Vee said...

Ornaments used to be so much prettier, didn't they? Sweet wonder all over that adorable Clara's face. I know the same is true this year plus. What a great age she is to really get "into it." Have a great week!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Good Morning Dawn
Those Wonderful Christmas Memories will be Forever in our Hearts won't they. I too have similar Memories of My Dad Decorating the Tree.A Hard Working Man in Trade and a Master of Tree Trimming at Home. When he Finally asked my Brother and I to Help one Year,Jay and I Felt so Special because that was something he Really Love to do. Thank You for the Memory!
Have a Wonderful Week and a Very Merry Christmas!

Sandy said...


I used to do the same thing, lay under the tree and just look up at it in wonder. Thank you for bringing up such a sweet memory!

Merry Christmas!

Marcelle said...

We all remember how we looked at the christmastree and felt the magic. It's a little harder to find the magic this year, but a nice christmas will be good enough :)
Have a wonderful christmas with your friends and family!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture! Her eyes all filled up with the pretty Christmas tree lights. That is just precious!

Gloria Westerman said...

Such sweet memories and I took remember lying beside the tree and looking up....and the music was always playing.....if it wasn't we were watching "It's A Wonderful Life" in black and white too...and decorating the tree...not realizing we were making memories and tradition that we all still carry with us every year.... and some of us are watching the tradition now being carry on by our children onto their children.....I just wish we had a elf....that would have been so much fun......

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post about the sweet Christmas this~Your sweet angel in the last photo is so sweet.
Sending you and your family a beautiful Christmas full of joy, peace and His Love.
Hugs and love,

B. said...

thank you for sharing. granddaughter is precious.



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