Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet friendship ~

A little something to share with my precious blog friends:

The beauty of friendship is not the outstretched hand,
nor the kindly smile...
it's the spiritual inspiration that comes
when you discover that someone else
believes in you
and is willing to trust you
with their friendship.

I wanted to show you a sweet package I recently received in the mail ~
From a dear friend, Eileen....
Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples...sheet music....lace....
so many thoughtful gifts!!!
Thank you dear Eileen, I love each and every thing!

I bought these seeds the other day and need to get them in the ground!
I dream of giant dried sunflowers with their gorgeous seeds!!!
Anyone have any advice as to where to plant these?
I think these are supposed to be enormous!

I'm watching a little angel today...
so her mother can have a day out helping the soap business prosper!
Can you believe how big Clara is getting?

Lorraine of Creative Daily is celebrating her blogiversary

I hope you have a great Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Greenmare said...

Those wallpaper samples look like bark cloth! gorgeous!
yes, that little peanut looks like an angel, how much fun was that?

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hey Dawn....I don't know if I stop by more to see you and what your up to or Clara!
Put a book on that girls head!
She's growing too fast.
What a dollie she is!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Dawn!
That Clara is so darn photogenic! What a doll baby!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Leslie said...

what a lovely gift!!

Clara is very cute!!!

Unknown said...

Your little Clara is so darling and I imagine you have such a blast when you get a day with her. Dawn, your gifts are such a sweet testament to how much everyone loves you!

Gail said...

Omigosh Dawn!
Clara is so absolutely a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, so very cute you just want to pinch her cheeks :).

aimee said...

i bet that pretty little angel would love to dig in the dirt with you and plant those seeds :)

Dorthe said...

Dearest Dawn.
Such a wonderfull gift you recieved,-so many goodies.
Yes they are growing fast,our little girls, and boyes,and we are getting older...She looks so sweet dear.
LOve and hugs, Dorthe

Vicki Boster said...

The best things first - Clara is simply adorable! I just want to kiss those little cheeks!

Your newest treasures are such fun - just the perfect goodies for you! I know you will make something priceless with them.

Better plant those sunflowers in a field somewhere - they DO get big!

Lori said...

total bummer Dawn...your pictures won't load for me...i just had trouble commenting on another blog...so i think the issue is on my end...happy tuesday!!!

Theresa said...

Sweet gifts from your friend! That Clara is getting so big and oh my goodness, she is precious! Enjoy your day with her, I am sure she will keep you jumping:) Hugs!

Unknown said...

It was sweet of you to post the pictures, thank you. But the biggest gifts are the ones you share with us daily, that of showing us inspiration through your blog, sharing fabulous pictures, and letting us learn through your tutorials and everyday "chat". I am very thankful for you. You are the best! Have a wonderful week dear friend...And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you.

PocketsOfInspiration said...

Look at that baby how big she is, and cute as a button! I remember when you were preparing for the baby shower. Seems like just yesterday.

Lorraine said...

Thank you so much Dawn for mentioning my giveaway! Clara is sure growing! She is such a little cutie.

Joy Lett said...

Sunflowers like lots of sun and one thing I've learned the hard way- They will "face" the sun so keep that in mind. I have planted them -only to be looking at the back of their heads. Plant them according to where you will be viewing them from- if that matters. Hope things are going well. Joy

kathy said...


stefanie said...

what a super cutie you have!!! have fun!

The Tin Rabbit said...

That's a wonderful friendship package you received...Eileen chose some beautiful things for you. Love the pretty paper..it looks like old wallpaper or barkcloth..little Clara is getting so big...she has your beautiful eyes Dawn! I love sunflowers too..Have a great rest of the week! God's Blessing~ Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I want to inform you that I have passed on the Sunshine Award to you. It is linked on my blog, www.queenmarcyoriginals.typepad.com and is given to fellow bloggers who "spread sunshine" which you do better than anyone I know!
Loves, QueenMarcy

Gerushia's New World said...

Oh Dawn...I needed to come here today. Your blog is always so soothing. Almost like a day at the spa! I adore all the "stuff" that you show so artistically. Thank you for your calm.

Gerushia's New World

Melony said...

Just looking at all these goodies makes me feel better... you have a great friend

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, what lovely gifts your friend sent you :) I will go check out these new giveaways...You always share the best things with us :) Besos, Rose

BonnieH said...

Hi Dawn,
I love that you are going to plant giant sunflowers. Being in Kansas, they are everywhere around here from June through September. They even grow under my bird feeder when they are scratched out of the feeder by the sweet birds!
Plant them where there is lots of sun, and perhaps some support for their long stems. And enjoy watching their big bold heads follow the sun throughout the day!
What fun!


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