Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ellie update!

Here's a photo of Ellie I took today...she's grown a little and is trying so hard to be a big girl with her potty training. She's very bitey but I'm keeping plenty of goodies around to chew on besides my fingers!!


Dena said...

Hi Dawn,

I hadn't noticed that her one eye has a perfect black circle around it. She is so so so cute! I just could cuddle her all day long! As for mine...well, she's not been fixed. Guess what I'm doing? I'm changing doggy diapers. Okay, she is going to the vet just as soon as this is done because my diaper changing days ended 12 years ago! I always wanted a daughter but sheeesh! LOL


madrekarin said...

Ahhhh! That face! It just steals your hreat away. :)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am so in love with Ellie! I swore I would never have a dog again. But Ellie makes me want to change my mind. She is so sweet

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

She is so cute and sweet; I just wanna scoop her up and love on her!

Lori said...

she is so cute!
and bitey...girl, i hope she grows out of kitty is very bitey and it drives me NUTS sometimes...nuts i tell ya!

Dana said...

I just love when you share pictures of her. I just want to squeeze her. She's so tiny you could practically take her anywhere I'll bet! What a darling!


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