Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thank you so much, Theresa from Garden Antiques News for tagging me a favorite blog, Cindy's For Love of Home blog and our little store, too!! I love to check out Theresa's blog daily to see what she's been up to also!!

And also, Lana from Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys for tagging the store also! WOW! How in the world do I pick just five??

  1. Well I love to check in on Lauren at Alice Lands...her artwork is amazing and her personality also!

  2. Secondly, Mica's Garboodles Soup, she is a wonderful artist also and I love to see everything that she creates.

  3. Then there's JoAnnA at Moss Hill Studio, her work and her spirit inspire me daily...

  4. Of course, Cindy's For Love of Home blog, my sweet friend and bus. partner, I always look to see glimpses of her beautiful home and yard, she has a green thumb like none other!

  5. Do I have to end at five? How about Garden Antiques, Notes from a Cottage Industry, Raised in Cotton, The Adventures of Elizabeth, and of course, Tongue in Cheek.

I have too many that are my favorites, I can't choose just five!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

xxoo Dawn

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