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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freshening up a bit!

I thought I would share a little peek of the house wren's nest
on our front porch!
It's looks complete to me but still no little ones yet...
I've seen the mama bird fly out of it though ~

This past winter I lost the ivy plants on our porch so I headed to Lowe's and bought
replacements. These planters flank our front door and I love the wire forms
that the ivy grows on. Hopefully they will grow fast and look wonderful soon!

I also found a pretty ivy plant to go in the terra cotta pot on our iron table too!

A beautiful treat arrived in Saturday's mail....
a gift I won from Martha of MJ Ornaments on Facebook!!!
I love bunnies and was so happy when I found out I won ~
now they hang in my studio! Thank you so much Martha!!!

And I just have to share these wonderful photos of Clara ~
She went fishing with her dad (our oldest son, Brent) Saturday and
just look at her!!!
She's old enough now to really enjoy it and is absolutely FEARLESS!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Monday precious friends!!
hugs and love,


Theresa said...

There was lots of fish being caught this weekend:) Sweet little one and her fishie:) Love that little ornament, what a sweet gift! Enjoy this day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Dawn, It looks like you will have ivy climbing that form asap! Your little Clara is growing up so fast! Imagine her holding that fish like a pro...I can't do that!

Vee said...

Clara fishing?! Holding the catch?! What a cutie pie! Did they keep it or was it a catch and release?

Your ivy will be looking fine in no time. I should look for one of those forms for some of mine. I've got seven snips growing...hope that they'll do well outside up here.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your ivy will look wonderful on that trellis, Dawn.

Gave you a shout out on my post today! : )


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