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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My precious dad ~

I have been so blessed in this life.
My mom and dad are absolutely AMAZING....
They were so young when they married and
in turn,
my hubs and I were young when we married as well!

So guess what that means???
We are all young and can share so much together!

But what I really wanted to share was that
my mom and dad visited us these past few days and
my sweet daddy...who will be 74 this coming May 29th
replaced BOTH of our bathroom floors!!!!!
You just would not EVEN believe the difference!
Each and every time I go to each bathroom...
I simply can't believe the transformation!

We purchased vinyl flooring.
It looked liked slate tiles ~
and I so loved the colors.

Dad replaced the floors and I painted all of the trim.
Then he caulked EVERYTHING he could find with new caulk.
What a wonderful, fresh change!!!

Thank you so much sweet daddy, I love you so.

(I still have to paint the molding here and trim out the room)

I still have some painting to do to finish my part...
Isn't it just amazing
how just a few simple changes
can make you so HAPPY???

Wishing you a great Thursday my dear, dear friends ~

hugs and love,


Burlap Luxe said...

Lové the new floors, and how wonderful it is that your dad has helped you out with the laying of the flooring.
I have been tearing out carpets, and replacing them with planked floorings. My daughter and I are doing the tearing out, patching and all the dirty work, the contractor has it made with a nice clean room to get started withmlayingout the flooring.

Will see you soon.

Enjoy your beautiful floors.


Nancy's Notes said...

What an awesome dad! Your floors look just wonderful, know they make you happy!

Theresa said...

Amazing! I have vinyl similar to that:) LOVE it! So easy to keep clean! I know you have enjoyed having your Mom and Dad with you! Enjoy your day dear Dawn, HUGS!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Dawn, Looks so fresh and new, just in time for spring. God bless Mom and Dad! Love, Penny

Dorthe said...

A beautiful "new" bathroon, dearest Dawn,- made possible with the help of your dear father. It looks so lovely,and I so understand your thankfulness, precious friend.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Vee said...

It looks so nice! The bathroom floor here needs replacing so I will be looking for something like this.

Marlynne said...

Yes! The floors are beautiful! Lucky You!

marda said...

Small changes in a small room add up to big improvements don't they? That vinyl really does look like tile, very pretty indeed.

Nita Jo said...

I really love the look of the flooring! I've been wanting to replace flooring in both our bathrooms, and something like this would be perfect! It really does look like slate, which I wanted but is not in the budget. I'll be checking out vinyl squares now! How sweet of your dad to help you!


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