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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet friends, wonderful smells & lovely creations ~

Do you understand why I love to blog??
Your precious comments on my giveaway
have truly filled my heart...
I feel like the Grinch when his heart is just about to burst!!!
Thank you all so very much for your kind words,
your friendship and all you share on your blogs inspire me so ~

A wonderful winter image for you ~

And if I'm the Fairy Blogmother....
then Anne of Fiona and Twig MUST be a princess!
Look at the sweet bird ornament that she's gifted me....
Dear Anne, thank you so very much ~
you KNOW how much I love chubby birds!
I will cherish him always ~

Now the photo below is a little scary!!! This candle has seen better days. I've had this wonderful candle for a few years now, Cindy from The Plum Tree gave it to me and I've loved it so much!! It is the size of a normal Bundt cake and smells heavenly. As you can see, the four wicks finally burned straight down to the bottom of the cake but look how much wonderful candle wax is left!!

Well, you KNOW I'm not going to waste it
so I threw the big cake into a garbage bag and slammed it on the floor a few times to break it into smaller pieces. I removed the old wicks too.....

I had saved a large sized coffee can
(because who knows when you might need one!)
and placed it inside of a larger sauce pan with a few inches of water to create a make-shift double boiler.

I first punched a few holes and tried to curl one part of the rim of the can to make a crude spout, and it worked too!

I waited for the wax to melt and then poured it into canning jars I found at the grocery store. Please be careful when handling the coffee can, I used two pot holders and had my empty jar resting on the garbage bag that I used to beat the thing up.

Very, very carefully pour recycled wax into the jar,
then after filling jars, add the wicks to the center...
(found at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or

Then, let harden before moving them.....and voila!!!!
Five new candles and none of that wonderful smell has gone to waste ~
I just love being thrifty!!

They are very fall looking but I'm fine with that :) I could always wrap a handmade label on them around outside using a pretty image printed on sheet music too.

I fell in LOVE with these sheet music paper stars on Karoline's blog Cherished Vintage!
You can visit her HERE and she shows you how to make them, how wonderful is that??!

Look at these wonderful salt shaker image holders that Nancy made for a recipe exchange party she was attending!!! She used my Christmas Treasures tutorial on these ~ Thank you so much for the photo Nancy, they're gorgeous!!! I hope everyone loves them ~

Claudia sent me a photo of her mitten ornaments and rag balls she made!!
They turned out so beautiful Claudia ~
and look wonderful displayed together on your silver tree!
Thank you so much for sharing your photo with me.

And Barb made the most beautiful pink and cream mittens for her shop!!!!
I love this color combination ~

Lyneen is having a Blogiversary giveaway!!
Just click HERE to visit I am Dreaming of Castles to enter!!!
Just look at the ephemera packet she's gathered....

Thank you again for the sweetest comments ever on my giveaway post ~
I love blogging and LOVE my friends here!

I hope you have a great Tuesday dear friends,
Hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn,
Your new candles looks so good, and a very great idea it is, I know they will be so sweet with a little old paper around.
Oh Dawn, among all the things I want to do, is using the images from your Christmas Treasures tutorial,that I bought long ago, --why is time flying away so fast?
Thanks for the beautifull image, and waking up to your lovely blog, that is a gift too.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Barbara Jean said...

OOH lots of things to enjoy on that post!

thanks Dawn. Going over to check out some of those blogs now.


barbara jean

Sally L. Smith said...

Love, love, love the Victorian photo. Thank you.
Happy winter day,

BellaRosa said...

Dawn, I love that lil pudge bird from Anne, that was such a sweet gift...Thank you for sharing these great blogs, giveaways and creative ideas that they share...But most of all thank you for always being such an inspiration to soo many! Besos, Rose

And I think you were right...those candles came out great...I bet they smell yummy too!

Sandy D. said...

Dear Dawn, here I am before dawn (smile) checking the weather as I get dressed for work and could not resist a peak at your blog. Love, love, love the candle idea. I have a smaller cake candle I love that is burning down, going to save a coffee can and will do the same thing. Thanks for sharing. You are truly the Fairy Blogmother, who always makes my day more enjoyable. Off to work, have a wonderful day.

Lori said...

so clever what you did with the candle Dawn...i saw those paper snowflakes too...i want to try and make a few...they are really pretty!!!

Doreen said...

What a great post Dawn...and great job with reusing that candle..I LOVE to do that :)

Thank you so much for the gorgeous graphic..I LOVE IT :)

hugs, Doreen

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

It is always so informative when you stop by your blog... tidbits of delight to use, savor or store away for future reference.
The candle idea is perfect.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hey Miz Dawn,
Gosh the image is spectacular! Thank you!
What a sweet little birdie!
I had to chuckel when I read about you slaming the candel on the floor..great image in my funny thang...giggle.
I imagine you stayed up late last night and decorated the jars too. How fun a project.
Thanks for showing the other projects/links and another giveaway.

Miss Sandy said...

Great recycling idea. Blessings on your day sweet friend!

Julie Ann said...

Your new chubby birdie is sooo sweet!!! I love coming to visit your blog- you have the most beautiful sights to see and some of the best links!! :) Have a wonderful day! said...

Very cute 'Mrs Greenjeans', I'm digging glob out of my old votives right now! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you know what the "old timers" used to say, "Waste not, want not!" So true! I cut up my scented candle stubs and save the pieces in plastic bags and then use them in my wax melters. I can mix my own combination of scents or use them as they are.

Thank you for coming by and reminding me about the Flights of Fancy Boutique, Sweetie! It's going to have to go on my list of favorite shopping places - just ordered a bunch! ;-)

Thank you for sharing the pretty winter picture and all of the new blogs to visit! I totally agree about blogging, making new friends and sharing inspiration!

And to those of you reading all of our posts here...don't you agree that Dawn is one of the most special bloggers!!

Hugs to you on this wintry pre-Christmas day!
3" of snow are forecast for here tonight!


madrekarin said...

You clever, thrifty girl, you!

Chrissy said...

Oh I am so impressed with those candles,who would have thought you could do that!!! The whole post is lovely,those little birds are just darling,lucky girl!! All the best,Chrissy

Angela said... are the Bloggy GodMother! You are just the sweetest, most caring, most giving person I believe I have ever met! I think I'll see if Tammy wants to come visit you one day, would you like for us to come to your home and snoop around your studio, haha.
Love to you,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great idea with the candle, Dawn! Pudge arrived yesterday!! Love him; he is just too cute! I put him on the windowsill in my kitchen by my sink. I will get to see him every morning when I open the shade!

Rebecca said...

I'm loving the birdie and that candle thingy is amazing. You are sooo amazing!


sjhackney said...

Thanks for the picture Dawn. There are so many yummy things to see today. Sally

KarenB said...

Good job with the candle wax rescue! You could pretty those up in your usual way and regift and everyone would be thrilled. Very smart!

Karen @ Elderberry Street

Lou Cinda said...

What a GREAT idea to save our favorite candles! I will definitely remember to do this!!

I LOVE your blog and you inspire me beyond measure!

Have a great day Dawn!

Lou Cinda xoxo

Rita said...

Such beautiful things Dawn! Just came from June's many ideas. Thank you and I will be following your blog. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Elizabeth Golden said...

Well I am off to the garbage can to retrieve the candle I threw away today. Brilliant idea. You know what I will be doing tomorrow.

Nita Jo said...

I love the way you reused your candle wax! Such a great idea. The winter image is wonderful! I have a special folder in my picture files labeled "Blog Gifts - Dawn" because you've shared so many sweet images with us. Thank you again for your generosity!

Kori said...

I just LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for the link on how to make those paper snowflakes! My daughter made them in school and I wanted to make them too! LOL


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