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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pressed beauty ~

Why do I love these wonderful pressed flowers and ferns so?
They make me smile, their colors, their amazing intricate details ~
I wanted to share their beauty with you....

Don't you love my fancy flower press? It works great too!!

Nature is the art of God.

Thomas Browne
Religio Medici, 1635

A sensitive plant in a garden grew,
And the young winds fed it with silver dew,
And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light,
and closed them beneath the kisses of night.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
"The Sensitive Plant," 1820

I don't know how I'll use these beauties yet....
but I just love looking at them!!

I found this amazing book cover and back at Hobby Lobby, can you believe how antique it looks?? Such a great look for the price ~ they sell online too! I found it for you HERE...

I've been studying my little boot pattern for Clara. I'm such a goob sometimes, I have to think about something for awhile and really sort it out in my head before I get started. It's like I'm scared I'll mess up so I keep going through the steps in my head...crazy, huh?!

OH, and I''m having a just a few days!! I want, don't scream.....but 1200 posts!!!!! Also, I'm approaching 400 followers so that's even MORE reason to celebrate!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


Brynwood Needleworks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brynwood Needleworks said...

Sorry...I'm a stickler for typos. Let's try again! ;-)
Your post is perfect timing, Dawn. Now I know what to do with a few choice flowers from my birthday bouquets! Thanks so much. You're always an inspiration, my friend.

Dorthe said...

And amazing that it is soon to be your 1200 post, and 400 followers, well I`m happy with my 30 followers ,and every new one saying hallo.
Sweet Dawn, wish you a happy start on the boots, I know how you feel.
Have a wonderfull week-end dear friend.

Love and hugs ,Dorthe

marie said...

That book cover is amazing! I think I'll have to order one or two of those. I can't wait to see Clara's new boots ~ I know they will be just excellent!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I too love dried flowers and I have used them to make cards and in tiny collages for soldered pendants. The book cover is really pretty and such a great deal! It's not so long ago that you had your 1100th post celebration. You are really amazing, dear Dawn! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and love, Julia

Lori said...

Dawn, your pressed flowers and leaves are so pretty!!! love the autograph book cover!!! good luck making your little boots, i know they are going to be wonderful!!!

Theresa said...

The pressed flowers are just beautiful and I am a loyal shopper at Hobby Lobby:) Love that vintage look autograph book! Have a blessed day!

Sally L. Smith said...

I've been following your blog steadily for the last year and half but now it's official. I thought I'd push you toward your 400 mark. 1200 posts--amazing!--and everyone with inspiration. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, who would know the book cover is new! Beautiful! And so are your dried flowers. Hmmm....I see assemblages coming up soon! ;-)


The Other Side of Me said...

HI Dawn,

I am sure that those sweet boots will look wonderful. I started my first chubby snowman from your pattern and he is going to be so cute. I am making some for my friends! I hope you and your gentlemen are doing great.


Utah Grammie said...

Wonderful pressed flowers- just think if it as pressing a little bit of summer for long winter days..wonderful- to save a bit of beauty!
Love the old-fashioned book! Wonderful! And 1200 posts?! Wowzer:-)

madrekarin said...

There's nothing better than a phone book full of fleurs. :)
You know, if you need help with the boots.....:)

QueenBe said...

Dawn, your special flower press is identical to the one I always used when I really got into everlastings. I am confident you will come up with some great way to display/use them! Thanks for that book link, I just may look into it. Great price, and it really does look old!

Miss Sandy said...


Love the pressed materials, so beautiful! The book cover is awesome. I swear the more tid bits I learn about you I am convinced we are so much alike. I have trouble following patterns too. I usually just wing it and hope it comes out right. Congrats on your blogging achievement! Keep inspiring us!!!

Nancy said...

Hi - i look forward to reading your blog every day. The pressed flowers are great, I'm going to try that some time. Go ahead an cut that fabric, I have a hard time with that too. Nancy P.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! How gorgeous! I love the beautiful book, too! I'll check it out online! Thanks!

Jamie said...

Your pressed treasure are wonderful Dawn! I have no doubt you will create beautiful pieces with them. Your autograph book is a wonderful find. 7Gypsies is so great at capturing the vintage/antique feel to things we love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Sweetie:) Love, Jamie

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hey Miz Dawn,
Love your pressed fleurs! I haven't done that in a long time.I know you will do something wonderful with them eventually. 400!!1200!!!Boy those are Big numbers...for sure a party is in order...yippie! The autograph books are so you!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Green said...

I love the pressed flowers (and your ingenious press) and can't wait to see what you make with them!

The Painted Nest said...

Sweet Mama Bird!!!
Every time I visit I leave feeling refreshed and inspired!!! You are such a treasure!!!

Andy's Attic said...

Your pressed flowers are so beautiful and your highly technical press must be the reason:>). I'm amazed at your quantity of posts, espceially because they are all of such good quality! Glad to be a follower,

Diana P. said...

Pressed flowers are so pretty but I usually cheat and buy them already dried. Oh and Dawn I just posted my 2nd finished snowman. Thanks again for a great tutorial!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Did you know that Corey,,,, Tounge and Cheek has her shop open???? I asked her if she was going to create a button for us..still waiting to hear.

irene said...

Who needs a flower press- your flowers look perfect. A question- do you treat them so they maintain their color? I've always loved ferns and would love to try some. I'm like you- I work it all out in my head before I start a project...usually makes it easier with no mistakes. Thanks for sharing your treasures Dawn.

Marie Ann said...

I just found your blog and have to tell you that I love it! Very creative! I belong to a wonderful online guild...all 'nature lovers'! We are the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild and are a not for profit group dedicated to spreading the word about our art. Lots of free info there and excellent tutorials by master pressed flower artist all over the world.

Thespa said...

I do adore pressed flowers, such loveliness even in winter with just a smidgen of effort during the summer. I wish my local Hobby Lobby would carry 7 Gypsies stuff, It's pretty boring as far as the things I usually go for, like that book cover. And since there are 3 Hobby Lobby stores within 30 min of me you would think that at least 1 would carry it. Oh well!

Jann said...

Pressed flowers! I used to save those a lot, but have forgotten over the years how truly beautiful they can be. Also, that autograph book reminds me of one my grandmother had--it looks authentic in the photos! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby here--or an Archiver's or a Craft Warehouse. All we have is Michael's, which is okay sometimes, but is my least favorite out of all the craft stores I've shopped at in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado and Calif. I'm happy to learn that Hobby Lobby has online shopping available--didn't know that! Thanks, Dawn!

cityfarmer said...

Dawn, you're a gracious and serene woman in the hurry scurry world we live in ... said...

Congrats on the mega posts! I love the pressed flowers too. I did some ferns and wildflowers when we went to CA last summer. After I pressed them they turned brown, any suggestions? Not all of it turned, just the ends. Anyway...I can't wait to see the giveaway! Lisa

My Grama's Soul said...

Dawn, I think you can make everything beautiful!!

Good day to you,


Elyse said...

hi dawn,

"goob" is making me chuckle! that's me!

i love pressed flowers. i used to press flowers when i was a young girl and i kept them in a shoe box that i had written "flowers" on the lid with blue glitter. funny how i have returned to all that now in my 40s.

your project will be wonderful, you very ungoob!


Junk Exchange said...

dawn, thank you so much for advertising our give-a-way - i appreciate it..

i love the antique look book cover - and the price is so cheap, really.

congrats on the upcoming 1200! wow!

p.s. love the pressed flowers also and i have also used an old phone book - something about the pages - helps absorb the moisture - i think ..

Tracy Suzanne said...

Dear Dear Dawn. I wanted to come by and say thank you for your caring, your prayers, you being you, and the warmth you provided for my heart when it was breaking. Your friendship means so much and your prayers touched me deeply.

Also thank you for letting me use the beautiful verse on my sight but to be honest I stayed on you sight (it's really hard to leave) last night, that I can't remember where I saw it. If you know off the top of your head please let me know. Oh' yeah, I was trying to find the star ornaments you made with the sheet music, at least I was pretty sure you had made them. I never found them (I was being a copy cat). If you know where that is I would love to have another peek.

I really do need to do pressed flowers. Yours are so beautiful.

Lots of love and hugs, Tracy

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh how I love your pressed flowers, they are so lovely Dawn!! I know you will be creating beautiful things with them!!
Enjoy your weekend~
Love & Hugs, Carol Anne

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Completely breathtaking and fun, too. The perfect flowers make me so happy and what a find at HL! There is something magical about saving little flowers and clover. I love when you buy an old book and there is someone's pressed flower in it. Ahhh... this was a delight dear one. Thanks for the joy you scatter.

kathy said...

DAWN , I love pressed flowers -- and so love to do little pansies -- their sweet little faces --
and little miniwild plants from my yard also --
KAthy - ga ♥

Shopgirl said...

I think the phone book is the best flower press. I had a press, but kept going back to my phone book.
When I recieved my Grandmothers Bible it was filled with little treasures. And even pressed flowers. I can remember seeing her put things between the pages.
I hope you are having a grand Christmas season. It seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for our Eve party...and here I am doing the same thing.
Off to our first party of the season.
Happy every day, Mary

The Lone Dollier said...

I love your hi-tech flower press you have LOL. Hey IT WORKS!

Aren't those the greatest books? I got some from Hobby Lobby too. Now to decide what to do with them. Course, I just got my new Binderie in the mail today that I need to play with. HMMMMM


Anne~fiona and twig said...

I love that you use a phone book! Keepin' it real, that's one more reason to love you.
1200 POSTS????? Seriously? Holy cow, I've got some catching up to do. ;-)
You are amazing, Dawn!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sweetie. I just wanted to let you know I got the verse up on my side board where I enjoy seeing it and think of you everytime I look at it (feathers and all). It reminds me of your goodness.

I hope you're having a good weekend.


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