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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's time for a field trip!!

With Christmas just around the corner, I'm trying to get those last minute gifts purchased so that next week I can relax and enjoy my family. Brad had a special request this year for a new drafting table/desk to use with his design work. He picked out a great table at Ikea so we headed to downtown Atlanta today!!

We're only about 45 minutes away (on a good traffic day) so it didn't take long to get there. We passed the Fox Theater on the way.....

I'm sure I looked like a goob, hanging out the window taking photos of random things, but don't you love the look of this old paint on a building?

A view out the sunroof....

These letters are HUGE on this store!!

The first thing I noticed after we were inside
was the incredibly low prices on their furniture!
I'd love a new sofa, love seat and chair ~
Of course, this is a wonderful sofa BUT
I tend to buy furniture the color of dirt....
it saves us all from TONS of stress...

They have tons of rooms that are decorated fully with Ikea goods...
it's quite modern for my taste but I still can appreciate the beauty ~

Now this is more my style....the color of dirt and NOT fabric....
(look at the prices if you click the photo it should enlarge)

I didn't understand the monograms on these pillows but loved them!

OK, now how wonderful would these cabinets be in a studio!!!! They resemble old medical, love these!

Love this sink ~

A kitchen more my style ~

These were beautiful ~ they had that mercury glass look...

Great shelving reasonably priced ~

Here's the desk Brad wanted for Christmas....
it's going to work out perfect for him being in design school!
You can see it HERE online ~

The options were endless as you can create your own table/desk....

I loved these frames ~

Oh, and you know the giant curtained wall in my studio/the old garage? This is the contraption that Brad used going from one side of the garage to the other to hide the garage door. Plus he used FIVE king sheets hung on it to disguise the door :)

Tiny toddler beds ~

Oh sweet Clara....I want to buy this for you SO bad!!!
Isn't it wonderful? A child's play kitchen ~

Amazing storage containers and
they can even hang on a knob on the wall.

More neat storage, I love this!

This ~

I wanted to buy one of these with the nine drawers
but they were out of them ~ maybe next time!

Tons of lighting ~

Beautiful canvas artwork ~

And here's Brad getting his desk from the shelves,
you write down it's location in the showroom and grab it here!

And then, headed home!!! It was so much fun,
I'm already hounding Dennis that we just HAVE to go together,
he will love it!! (Well, maybe....)

Our sweet Clara is doing so much better today,
thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers.
After several doses antibiotics and steroids she's making progress.
We had dinner with them and she was still the sweetest,
smilingest (is this a word?) thing ever!
I found several goodies for Clara at Ikea...
I'll share a photo of them tomorrow ~

I hope you enjoyed the field trip and
didn't mind the massive amount of photos in this post!!

Wishing you an amazing Friday dear friends ~
hugs and love, Dawn


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Dawn:
We love Ikea, too. And the legs for Brad's drafting table...they work great as a base for a yarn ball winder and yarn swift - one on each end of the top of the legs - and you get a little shelf on the bottom for a basket of yarn! All for only $30!!! Doesn't get better than that! ;-)
Have a great day.

stefanie said...

wow!!! i have never been to an ikea, I LOVE IT!!! thanks for the field trip

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow I have to go to Ikea the next time I am in Austin. I had forgotten how much they have until your photos. Great post and thanks for sharing.
Dawn you are more than welcome to post your tutorials on my Temptation Mondays site
Take care

Linda K. said...

I'm so glad Clara is doing better. Don't ya hate it when those little one's get sick??
Ikea is such a great place to shop for family! Or anyone!
Robin's Egg Blues

Linda K. said...

p.s. I love whites and creams too but have to buy our funiture in the nitty gritty down to earth 'dirt' too! Ahem...Mr. Robin tends to get in the dirt and bring it in...sigh..

Dianne Hadaway said...

Hi Dawn! I'm glad to hear that baby Clara is getting better. It must be so exciting to have a sweet grandbaby to gather gifts for at Christmastime. I loved the pictures of your field trip to IKEA. I'm only about 45 minutes to an hour away from there too (due North though) and my family loves taking a day to go and shop there. Did you eat lunch there too? They have the best salmon and my kids love the Swedish meatballs. YUM. I love the way they have the table tops and legs you can put together your own way, my sewing tables came from there and I absolutely love them. I saw some new things in your photos so now I need to plan a trip down there again real soon! Oh, and I wanted to thank you for the illustration you posted yesterday, it's awesome for gift tags. Your blog is always so inspiring (as if you don't hear that enough!) I hope to become more active in my blogging in 2010 and I'll continue to visit your practically every day I'm sure! I don't post much but I do love it here. Thanks for all that you do and I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Our closest Ikea is about an hour and some minutes away. I haven't been there in years. I'm having a white slipcover made for my sofa, Dawn ~ it is washable! If we don't get the predicted blizzard this weekend, it is due to be fitted and then I should have it before Christmas. Glad to hear Clara is feeling better!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Looks like you had a grand time in Atlanta! I lived in Atlanta for 7 years (back in the late 70's) was so much fun. And...isn't Ikea too much fun? Love it...Have a Blessed weekend and so glad to hear that Clara is feeling better. It's just too hard to have a sick little one.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, IKEA is one of the best places to shop for home stuff! We don't have one here! :-( We have cabinets in my office that we bought there years ago when we lived near one. They are so strong and durable! Easy to clean and you can fit them into many different contortions to fit your needs. They're almost like the white storage units you can buy at Lowe's that you simply screw together. My studio is lined with those and I love them!

IKEA is the perfect place for finding furniture for young people in college or in life transition! Super fun day you had!

Ah...little Clara is on the mend! Good! Snuffles go away!

Hugs! Diane

madrekarin said...

We were there Wednesday! They have some very cool stuff. Thank goodness the Christmas decorations are prettier this year. Last year's orange and black was, well, it was ugly. If you take Dennis, go to the cafe first and ply him with Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and apple cake for dessert. Works like a charm. ;)

The Rustic Victorian said...

I'm glad Clare is doing better. She should be back to normal by Christms. Ikea was fun, I liked the white medicine cabinet
shelves the best. IKEA is a dangerous place for a case of the wants.
Love you!
Merry Christmas!

Joy Lett said...

Love IKEA. I also love the fact that they recycle and encourage recycling. Also how to get the most storage out of even the smallest places. Also they have Almond Cake- YUMMMM. Joy

Miss Sandy said...

I love the desk your son chose. I wish we had an IKEA here. My son has several pieces from there in his home. It is modern for my tastes too but I have seen some beautiful things that would fit in with my style online. I am so glad to hear that Clara is doing better. Have a wonderful weekend!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

We don't have IKEA in our town so I enjoyed the field trip! Thank you! Have a great weekend! Twyla

Jann said...

You are so like me, Dawn--hanging out the window, taking photos of interesting things you see downtown or anywhere else--old paint, antique shop signs, etc., etc! I do that all the time--make my hubby stop or pull over, or even keep my camera on my lap and take a quick photo when I'm driving and at a stoplight for a couple minutes!

Jann said...

Also so very glad to hear Clara is doing better--it's so awful when those little ones are sick and they are suffering--and don't understand why they don't feel well . . . and then you're up and down all night checking on their breathing!

lisa said...

Great outing! I love me some IKEA! We have quite a few items from there, you can't beat the price. I'll have to go check out the medical type cabinets, they look really cool. Lisa

Nelly said...

Dawn, we love Ikea too. I have the exact desk you're considering but with the glass so I use it as a shadow box top and have many of my vintage photos under it. Its really awesome. I also have those wire basket organizers on wheels, have a few around my house and my studio. They're wonderful for holding tons of my supplies neatly in the closet.

The Jeweled Postcard said...

I've been to that Ikea! Remember my son lives there! We love Ikea, that's where my glass top designing table came from and a glass front white sideboard filled to the brim in my studio! Glad you had a good traffic day as that's not what I usually hear from my son, ugg.

Glad to hear little Clara is better :)

Have fun! Candice

Cindy said...

Thanks for the tour, Dawn. I havne't been to Ikea in forever. The contraption you used for a wall of curtains in your studio is very clever. And I love the storage options you shared. The photos of the tall buildings were great...I have never been to your city. :-)


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