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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a haul!

(Images just for you from my new bird book ~)

You know I have to share the goodies I found
while junkin' in the mountains....
well, I finally pulled it all out and
set it up for a few photos!

First...see that old Chinese checkers board? Too cool ~ and plus
and old Monopoly game and I think all the pieces are there!
I don't know though...
The round thing is a puzzle box! I'm not sure all the pieces are there
but for .50 I just wanted the box!

Tons of sewing notions ~ 5 bucks

A few old baby hats and a little baby boy sweater.
I don't know why I bought them, but I did...
they have a little staining but you know I don't care about that!
Sweet daisy trim....

The books and bottles, only $1 each! One of the books
(the one that's opened) is a student's dictionary from the late 1800's ~

I love the graphics on these shoe lace labels!
They remind me of Cathe over at Just Something I Made ~

And I LOVE these old black straight pins
they will look GREAT in pincushions that I make!

I know this is a simple, inexpensive candle holder
but I see it spray painted cream and holding a tuffet pin cushion ~

This little bird book is an ebay find that came in the mail today!!
I believe I have a collection of children's bird books now ~

The images above are from this new book ~ I hope you like them!
I'm sorry about the strange pattern on the backgrounds of the prints,
I tried to edit them but couldn't get it to go away ~

Wishing you a great Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


June said...

Hi Dawn,
You found the best stuff. I love the black straight pins in their original cards. The old books are a fave of mine. I'm always looking for old books with wonderful illustrations. I know you will do something great with all of this.

cheryl~zanymayd said...

You Hit It Big! What a Haul, I am quite Jealous......

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing the bird prints Dawn.
You've found some great things while away!

Rebecca said...

Ok...I'm officially jealous. Are you kidding me? You stole this stuff! :) :) :)

I'm happy for you! You deserve the great haul!

Love, Rebecca

Charlene said...

You did indeed find treasures! Isn't it fun to find such goodies! Makes for a happy heart. I had 2 of my little Grands here tonight & we ate the carmel chocolate apples I made them this weekend... such gooey fun! See what is ahead of you with Clara. Enjoy everyday with her!

Karen said...

sigh. oh my.
You did GOOD girl! Wonderful treasures!
The books, the bottles, the pins, the games . . . yeah. You did good.
Doesn't it make ya just feel GREAT??
YAY! Thanks for sharing. karen

Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely founds you lucky one!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You did great and I'm sure you will have fun using the goodies in your artwork! Thank you for sharing the sweet bird images! Hugs, Julia :-)

Barb said...

WOW! What a great bunch of loot you found!!

I love it all, i mean I love it ALL!!!

Oh, the simple little candle holder you found for a pin cushion?
Reminds me, I have a laundry basket full, yes FULL of items like that i have picked up to make pin cushions out of. It's only been sitting around for a year.
I have made two!
I'd better get busy on that. =0))


barbara jean

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! That is a great haul! Wonderful stuff. Enjoy it all! :) Tammy

Dorthe said...

Oh my dear Dawn, you was the most lucky woman,what a big,big bunch of fantastic finds.I love the shoe lace grafic,the pins,the buttons and,and,and,wow to find and buy that here, it would cost lots of dollars,I mean lots.
Well seems you could be a very bussy woman,sweetie, with all this lovely stuff calling to be created to wonderfull art pieces of yours.Wishing you a happy time dear friend.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Lori said...

Dawn, that is one amazing haul!!! the bird book is tooooooo sweet...i love it!!! i love the little baby hats too, they are adorable:)

Theresa said...

Wow, you struck gold my friend! Wonderful pictures of the birds and all of your goodies! Have a blessed day!

Barb T. said...

Dawn--Thanks for sharing your finds, particularly the bird images; I am copying them and will put them to good use.
I believe the pattern on the prints is what is called moire (sp.) Sometimes you can avoid it by scanning tilted images. Instead of lining the image up perfectly, place it at an angle. Give it a try; sometimes it works, others it doesn't.
Barb T.

madrekarin said...

That is quite the haul! Love the pins and the shoe laces. :) I know, I'm a bit wierd.

Utah Grammie said...

Wowza! You scored big time ! How fun and thanks for sharing :-)

kathy said...

Dawn , amazing yummy "stuff " -- wow need to make another trip up that way soon - Kathy - ga ♥

Six in One Hand said...

Awesome finds!!!!

I love the baby cap and sweater!!

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

What a haul Dawn! Fabulous stuff....

Miss Sandy said...

Wow, what a haul indeed! You did so much better than I did on your mountain gathering trip. We did not find much even though I tried ;c) So many goodies to create with, have fun!

Kristin said...

Hi Dawn! I love your blog! I look forward to it every day! I love the treasures you found! It looks like the red book is At The Foot of The Rainbow - Gene Stratton Porter - If you have never read her books you should take a look - they are wonderful beyond belief!!! She has one titled The Song of The Cardinal - You would love it. Although I love all her books!!! Have a great Tuesday! Kris :)

Halo Hill said...

What a HAUL!!!! Great things!


Sandi said...

Such lovely finds Dawn! You are one lucky girl!! Love the bird photos too. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Lisa said...

WOW!! Everything is lovely. I know I'm not supposed to covet but.........these pictures make it very hard not to!
Thanks for sharing your treasures and the bird pictures.

Deb said...

What fabulous finds Dawn! Perfect for someone as creative as you ...I know you will see the hidden potential in every lovely item ♥ said...

What a bonanza! I love it all, most of all the bird book. I am such a bird lover, can't get enough of them. Lisa

Grandma Nina said...

I love your blog and all your goodies. I also did an antique shop last weekend. See my finds at Because of you I got into pincushions.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing your loot. I love it all. I am downsizing some right now so it felt like I was shopping as I looked at your pictures. Very satisfying, Thanks!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness you did make a haul! I love the old children books. They seem to come from a more innocent, peaceful time. Sharon


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